November 17, 2014

TB dress sweetheart

 (6/11; almost unreal coloured leaves on my way to downtown-Skater grey dress, high knee socks, leather jacket)

I'm enjoying this weather lately- although it's not like Winter is coming anytime soon. Besides headaches and fog, I'm doing pretty well. I also managed to watch Dr. Who all the way to middle of 8th season when my laptop dropped dead. Completely. And I've also discovered new tea- favorite for now! (Cranberries and raspberries with vanilla)
Since everything is doing pretty much well lately, I want to say that I've finally received items I got from, and I just love them!

                                                                  Review time, woah!
(All the opinions are mine and completly honest)
(Sorry for the blurness of the second one- and just one big thanks to my bf who was amazing doing them)

I was never huge fan of printed pieces, but I just fell in love with this leopard print leggings-  and couldn't let them go. They are comfortable, soft and not see-through in any form or way- I already wore them, and realized they can be worn both while heading to gym, grabbing cup of coffee or night out. Oh, and print is in its highest quality. Check them out!
(close up- amazing, huh?)

Second and third piece I got are just perfect to be worn together (which I did.), and Finally have a proper night-out outfit that actually is consisted of pants and shirt- and I just love how I feel while wearing these.  
(Faux) Leather leggings are great- and here I was pretty much risking (Just because of the last bad experience with one of these- They were ready to be trown away after literally one time I worn them), But these are really, I mean REALLY great- comfortable, and of high quality (oh, and the price is amazing too!)- which is the perfect match for me! Check them out!
Oh, and I just love how I will be able to wear them on different occassions- with oversized sweater and boots, high heels, sneakers- Just as infinite as our minds are.
 (YUP, ready to hit the dance floor in this combination. Whoa, and my hair is growing like crazy!)

And the top I got is great- sort of peplum-ish, with soft materials used- and padded breast area, I just love how it appeals. Check it out! I keep wearing tops now when colder days are coming, with sweaters and blouses- this top won't wait next year's sunny, warm weather!

That's all for now- keep yourself warm, smile and think about your Christmas wishlist!
Oh, what's your favorite tea? Let me know! 


October 29, 2014

Childhood never ends in world of cartoons

I will never become fully adult until I embrace it all and let all the things I used to do as a child behind me. But, World of cartoons has bring our childhood back, and I mean it- in big lights! I dare to say it comes so great now when weather is kind of deppresing, everyone in gray- with nothing to remind us to smile.
All four fashion week cities have went mad with cartoon prints-
Moschino-Jeremy Scott-Fay

And, there are so much more. And personally I adore it- It will keep your inner child alive anytime, anywhere, at any age. And we all are striving to be one again, even for a second.
And I've came across to almost infinite amout of cartoon prined tops here- and I really can't made my mind which ones I like the most-
Mickey & Minnie Mouse
My favorite cartoon following from the birth to beginning of my elementary school- But always more than just happy when its face appears on clothings of his adventures on TV when visiting my little cousin.
And Minnie and her bow shouldn't be forgotten either.

The Simpsons
One of the first shows I watched on TV and obsessed been waiting for every new episode- little subversive humor and delightful wit- and with 25th anneversary on February 2015- It's a longest sitcom in history and not only I was and still am a huge Simpsons lover.

Although Snoopy was introduced in Peanuts comic back in 1950's, it still is one of the most recognizeable comic caracters- and kids around the world love him and he continues to live!

And you can see and find much more for yourself (check out
Even my 10 year old brother had found one and I've decided to order it and surprise him on his eleventh birthday next month (click and see

Hope I've brightened your day a bit and already checked what you like!

Keep yourself safe and warm- a nice cup of tea, hand cream and cozy scarf are my must haves for the last two weeks- and yours? 


October 16, 2014


I've been crazy in love lately with and if you check it out, you'll understand what is the reason I spend pretty much of my rainy afternoons visiting this, and making any excuses for buying things there- and now I really have to admit that I actually have my wishlist written down on the piece of paper- so I decided- why not to share it with you?
Yes, I am a huge dresses fan (Just love how free and comfortable I feel wearing them), and colder weather definitely isn't reason why I would ever put them aside. 

Red vine and black are one of my greatest and dearest colors when it comes to Autumn- worn with knee socks and flats, skirts always make me feel feminine even on the days when my nose is red.
Sometimes I just like to pop print/colors into my outfit- and these skirt with tribal print is just great! 

I have to admit that I'm huge fan of graphic shirts- and I'm talking about these graphic shirts below- I just embrace with all my heart text printed there.
Nevertheless, I'm way bigger fan of Breaking Bad, so this Walter White tribute shirt is my dream.
(and even more are worth to be seen  on

We are all so over with pale, simple knitted sweaters- and these printed are perfect.
Sweaters are my new essential- all year essential.

I just love to be convinced that you enjoyed being here, reading my thoughts, taking your time, and thank you so much, but you'll find even more here.

Be good there, and be patient! Better is yet to come.


October 13, 2014


I always tend to be super excited when it comes to collaborating with online stores- and as a female, I am even more delighted when it comes to pages specialized in wedding dresses(yup, already thinking more serious about them), prom dresses( being absolutely flawless and feeling beyond perfect is something great when rocking that dress on a dance floor), evening dresses( you can never have enough feminine, elegant dresses in your closet, right?)
I must say that really made me fall in love in dresses offering- absolutely great. Avivadress is a UK based online store specialized in wedding, prom, evening and coctail dresses- in other words- any dresses you can imagine. Wedding dresses collection is cheap, high quality-low price guarantee. Fashion, elegant, luxurious, mermaid, lace, pearls, A-line, strapless or casual dresses- anything you like, they have it just for you- to make your special day even more special.
Prom dresses will make your most precious youth memory filled with flawless feeling of perfection- Short prom dresses or long ones- doesn't even matter, they all are made for you to shine and be a goddess, while coctail dresses are going to turn you into dance floor queen with all the attractive, sexy and perfect dresses- bodycon, backless, short, long with a slot- and you will love yourself even more!

-Wedding dresses-
As I'm coming across wedding dresses really often lately(already planning my wedding in my head vs. can't get enough of thinking how I would look like in some/all of them), I really did spend quite of time searching through these on And I've managed to pick some and decided to show them to you- onces I definitely consider wearing.
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)-

I've always been striving for some kind of simplicity, yet breathtaking and decent ones- and these are just my type. Strapless, long, A-shiluette and lace with drop of pearls. I just love them!

-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)-

-Prom dresses-
I had my prom almost half a year ago (whoa!), but I still find myself searching for them- they are just waaaay to georgeous to be forgotten- even when you won't have your prom anytime soon.
I was wearing black, backless long dress with a deep slot on a side and lace pieces around the back cut- and several people told me I look like I walked out of red carpet- which was nice thing to hear.
Long prom dresses were my personal choice- elegance and decency- And i absolutely love those below found on Aviva dresses.

long prom dresses
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)
Wether you want to be princess of the prom with pale pink sleveless dress, vamp girl with that black sequin long bodycon dress or ice cold queen covered with pearls- you can wear anything, and look fab.

short prom dresses

Short dresses are great for hot weather on prom day, and it will give you more freedom to move around- and look playful- and being child inside is the way you'll never feel old- upper part covered with lace or sequin, flowy bottom- so simple, yet so many various designs- and I would definitely wear them, not only for a 'prom purposes'
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)

Hope you already clicked here, search around a bit and found something for yourself.
What did you wear for your last prom? Which ones do you prefer? And, dreaming of a wedding, what would be your choice?
Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week,

October 10, 2014

Tidebuy Halloween costumes

Hello there!
It's been busy lately here-Finishing my exams(once again, been having struggles lately with it- sewing machine betrayed me-and my fashion designer diploma is on a wait now.), traveling around, collecting some new pieces for this upcoming weather, working in a gallery and other things that I would rather sweep on a side for a while and spend wraped inside warm, cozy blanket and relax instead.

Time is passing so fast by, and honestly- I'm enjoying this weather (for now). 

Autumn is a time that reaches its peak on Halloween- in my terms for sure. I've always enjoyed carving pumpkins as a kid, then going to trick or treat around my neighbourhood- and finally- Halloween costume parties. There is some serious thrill about it, isn't it? 

It's the right time to start talking'n'thinking about costumes- and Tidebuy halloween costumes are something I'm going to reach out for! It's not only about making complete creepy blooded freak out of yourself- Here, you can search out for all kinds of different costumes- which is something you really need to check out&buy if you want to rule this year's Halloween party.

If you're planning to stay at home with your loved one, or have guts to be most attractive woman out there, then Halloween sexy lingerie is something you will fall in love with.
-1st costume(see here)-2nd costume(see here)-3rd costume(see here)-

Witches are probably the must have on Halloween evening, and you'll never go wrong with one of these below!
-1st costume(see here)-2nd costume(see here)-3rd costume(see here)- 

And not to forget mention all time lasting sales in every categorie- clubwear dresses, bodycon dresses, casual clothes, shoes, lingerie- and this two sleepwear pieces, sexy lingerie ones are worth mentioning.

Visit, be best dressed on the Halloween evening and enjoy your further shooping!

What do you like most about Halloween? What are you planning to wear and did you check out what is offering?

Be spooky, be flawless.

September 24, 2014

Bornpretty store- stunning little stars

A week or even more off here (didn't bother myself to check how long I was absent at all, shame), and I just kind of felt like someone ripped off a finger of mine or something- I just can't go without writing and posting here longer than week. I just start moving around my room, having no idea what I'm doing here at all.
I promised you I'll show you another piece I got from, but meanwhile evil people had disconnected my internet access (irresponsibility at its highest, unfortunately.)
Hopefully you do actually remember my beautiful necklace and latest post, and now you're looking at the rest of it- Bracelet I got along with it.
To be honest, I was never a fan of wearing bracelet (excluding phase I had four/five years ago when I used to camouflage my arms with tons of colorful self-made/pearl/wool bracelets)
(I just like to believe that I never wore them considering the fact I was little artist since the young age- and something wraped around my wrists just imprisoned me back then)
Growing into a woman, I started embracing my love to any kind of jewelry- as long as it's decent still- leaves strong impression- And this bracelet is something I started wearing right away.
It's looks so fragile, but it's shining so bright, and they are just amazing! 
I can't say that I just love it- but I really am! 
No reason needed here- makes me feel feminine, all grown up and most of all- special.
(Already catched some eyes observing my wrists)

I would like to thank for giving me opportunity to try their products out and they really did make me feel special!

Do you have your favorite bracelets? Let me know! I just love reading your thoughts! 


September 14, 2014

Born pretty store_review; part. 1

In collaboration with bornprettystore (HERE), I got this necklace- I let my boyfriend to choose one, since he's kind of fascinated with things I'm doing and he doesn't understand well, so I let my love be part of this and he really like this one- and instantly said I NEED to have one around my neck.
He said pendand reminds him of two separate pieces connected with sparkly heart- In addition- of two of us. 
I like how this necklace already has a story behind it, and it became special to me. 
It's decent, yet effective and really caught-eye on. Rhinestone is heart shaped, and it's standing still in his position- whole in whole, necklace was made perfectly- from the bottom idea to real jewel piece, I like it all.

notice- this is part one, I have another thing to show you, and It will be up tomorrow!