October 18, 2015


(just click this picture beautiful)

So, you surely are a fashion lover, huh? And you spend countless minutes online, searching for something thatyou will fall in love with at the first sight or simply taking your time to enjoy, chill and watching all those clothes gives you such a pleasure? I know I do. And I always get so excited when there are discounts( but who doesn't?)... Shein.com is giving all of us girls, fashion freaks and fashion geeks discounts as seen below-
 34% off (code:top34) and 36% off (code:top36), and this offer lasts until 10/19, storewide. So be sure to check it out! 
So, tell me, how good is that? Shein.com is online shop that never fails to surprise me and it always makes me smile and excited- and I shop there on regular bases- so let me just tell you, as an experienced buyer, that all the clothes is just as described, delivery faster than most of the pages I've been ordering from, and paying is easier than ever- I always tend to have money on my paypal account, and really, in most cases, I spent them here, on shein.com. 
Also, to bring you some kind of visual so that you can fiest your eyes on, I will just feel free to show you some pieces I've come across here:
1st blouse:check here, skirt: check here, 2nd blouse:check here

1st coat:check here, 2nd coat:check here, 3rd coat:check here

What are your essentials for this Autumn? Let me know!
Also, don't forget to check it all out, I asure you, you will fall in love!

Take care, and enjoy this Autumn time with a cup filled with hot cocoa or tea,

September 08, 2015


School year has already begun, your wardrobe is perhaps filled with few new pieces and your backpack is all packed up and ready- and it is never too early to start thinking about homecoming dresses, right? I tend to look at them even when I don't actually need them- being a girl is true struggle sometimes- but hey, I just love looking at cute, perfect dresses- and  www.homecomingirl.com really has one massive palette of them offering, and I honestly don't have any clue which one is my favorite- I'm bouncing back n forth from long to short ones, black-all the way to bright red ones- and it is truly amazing, all of them- be sure to check them out!
You have infinity of choice- from A-line, Princess, Empire or Ball gowns, from short ones to floor-length ones- in every color you can imagine-Strapless or one-shoulder? And also high-neck and scoop neck ones- choice really is infinite!
Check out Homecoming dresses 2015, and this year is your's to shine! Homecomingirl has the best color selection for homecoming dresses 2015- it includes bright options such as orange or yellow colored dresses, and it also carries traditional, simple yet attractive colors such as black or white homecoming dresses- but, whichever color you choose, be sure that those around you will be green with envy at your perfectly stunning homecoming dress from Homecomingirl.com.
I've selected few pieces I layed my eyes on instantly, but here are few collage-pieces of my faves-

A-line dresses 
1st dress- check here! ; 2nd dress- check here! ; 3rd dress- check here!

Flowy, dreamy, sequin or lace- all of this is pure perfection- but the second one, for vamp queen, is my choice for sure- alongside with black suede pumps and messy bun- it's so me, and I adore it!

1st dress- check here! ; 2nd dress- check out! ; 3rd dress- check out!

And sometimes, simplicity is the key, right?

1st dress- check here! ; 2nd dress- check here! ; 3rd dress- chech here!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! Be sure to check it out, and let yourself shine this year!

Take care,

September 06, 2015

#CC Hair extensions

This time I will introduce you to cchairextensions.com, online human hair extension shop, that sells extensions of high quality for reasonable prices- I change my hairstyles and hair colors so frequently lately, my hair is getting long but I needed to cut it down for a bit, and though the difference is not so obvious, I really am into buying my first pair of extensions- and CCHairextensions really do have variety to offer- 18 to 30inch long, high quality, variety of colors, for thin(70-80g) all the way for luxury hair(160g)- from clip in extensions, microloops(these extensions use little metal rings lined with silicone and extension hair attached), to hair weave and tape extensions- and the quality is staggering! Clip in hair extensions are the ones I would definitely try out first, since applying is the easiest(but least pernament, so it gives you freedom to experiment even more once they're taken off)- and the ones on CCHairextensions look so good! 
1st photo- check out! ; 2nd photo- check out! ; 3rd photo- check out!

Hair weave will give you the most natural and professional look you can get- and I just love how they look! Be sure to check them out! 
1st photo- check out!c ; 2nd photo- check out! ; 3rd photo- check out!

Hair extensions are, I firmely believe, must have in modern woman's life- especially in these fastly changing times, where woman- same as I- is experimenting with her looks, embracing all kinds of differents fashion styles, using variety of beauty tricks and make up- as much as changing her hairstyles, looking herself from different, new angle.
And these hair extensions will give you the best you can get, be sure to check it out!

Hope you enjoyed reading this lovlies! Have a nice ending of the week, and prepare yourself for new victories!

September 02, 2015

Fall in love with Fall fashion!

My absolute favorite online shop, Shein.com is welcoming Fall in big lights- and I couldn't be more satisfied with all new pieces and trends introduced- and decided to share them with you guys- hope you will find something you like- and definitely be sure to check out rest of Fall fashion collection!

Grey bodycon dress check here! - Pink loose dress check here! - grey&black loose gress check here!

I'm constantly bouncing between loose, comfortable and bodycon dresses- both so versatile, so loveable- so amazing, and can't choose which ones I do prefer.

First coat check here! -  Second coat check here! - Third coat check here!

Right time to start thinking about warm clothes- and is there anything better when it's warm AND grey? 

First booties check here! - High heel pumps check here! - Chunky boots check here!

And ofcourse, what would be one's wishlist without few pairs of different styled shoes? Love them all, really.

Hope this gave you a little extra push for you to find your perfect go-to Fall dress, little wish for bit grey-ness in your life ( apart from greyish skies above us, waiting patiently.) or even some idea on which kind of shoes to invest this Fall.

Take care, enjoy the Sun, and smile. Don't forget to remember that YOU are an awesome badass, and nothing can't make you stop chasing your dreams.


September 01, 2015

June 04, 2015


Hello lovlies- hope you all are doing great lately! 
This time I will introduce you with shoespie.com, one of my favorite online stores for shoes I actually found few months ago, and can't say how excited am I to introduce you all about it- It literally is shoe paradise, and I love it. You just can't tell- unless you see it for yourself! From flats to killer high heels, men's shoes and women's boots- you can all find it there, in any shape, style and color. And this weather is just perfect for dress sandals, and it is more than a struggle to find only one to buy- but one is sure- this Summer's favorite of mines are definitely pep toe, ankle strap santals- both platforms and ones without them, with interesting color combinations, ankle straps and buckles, and here are one of my favorites-
First ones are just too perfect, something I definitely would wear on daily bases, with full-circle skirts, simple, monochrome dresses and even only with big, oversized white blouse, paired with cat-eye sunglasses and messy bun on the top of my head.
Pastel colors are still positioned high in my wardrobe, combined with white & bright colors- and that powder, pastel platform shoes are just perfect for glance of bright yellow and simple, minimalistic cuts.

I just can't make up my mind on these four- and all of them deserve attention- from color blocking, cute heart buckle, studded straps to pep toe and eternal black & white combo, I would rock all of them this Summer.

Also, you can find perfect pair of dress sandals for under 50$, and I had even more fun looking through these- because all of you can afford perfect pair of them for cheap and wear it this Summer, in countless combinations, and my faves are definitely ones with golden details- and platforms, once again.
First ones, pointed with golden details are both perfect for day outfits- with simple white blouse and boyfriend jeans, and night ones- with black bodycon dress and pieces of golden details, and they are probably on my wishlist for the longest- second ones are just so easy to walk in, just perfect for variety of combinations, and one of the must haves, if you ask me.

And some of the dress sandals in purple, my favorite color in for over years, which literally took my breath away-
1st shoes- check out here!;2nd shoes-check out here!
Both of them are work of art, aren't they?

Hope you guys enjoyed, find something that you instantly liked-
which ones are your absolute favorites?

Take care, and don't forget to love yourself.

May 23, 2015

#CNDirect wishlist

These Sunny days didn't last long enough as I thought they would (actually it is raining for two and a half days now, non-stop), so I guess this is great time for writing posts, searching web-shops and watching series with my boyfriend, cuddled up and wrapped into blanket. 
I am here today to share with all of you my wishlist(which I actually did think about for a while now to make & share, since Summer is just around the corner.), and I am sharing with you all of my wishlist pieces found on amazing online wholesale shop, www.cndirect.com (be sure to check it out!), which amazed me with affordable prices & great quality.

1st dress(check here!)-2nd dress(check here!)
Floral bottom-monochrome top-what else can I say? I just love it, and that's simply enough.
blouse(check here!)-crop top(check here!)
As many of you probably already know, I am crop top freak, and aztec print is something I want for the longest time, and still didn't manage to buy. Also, sleeveles blouse is something I strive since last Summer, and this minty color with white collar is a dream. Absolutely.
mint & white skirt- check them out here!
These two skirts have such a summer vibe, and everybody loves summer vibes. Minty, refreshing, white and simple, dotted, with cute braided belt and full circle, it really makes me feel good. Honestly, it does.
Also, this one is for so long on my wishlist, and never been able to find one. Well, here it is- and I absolutely love it. Beige, asymmetrical skirt is on the top of my wishlist.

tote handbag(check it out here!)-high heels(check here)
Simple as it is, I just am in need of new tote handbag, and these high heels would make a great pair in Summertime, right?

What do you like most of my wishlist? What do you have on yours? 
Let me know, I just love hearing from you,

Only sky is your limit, remember. You are so inteligent, worth it all- and have no reason to feel bad about yourself. YOU rock, and YOU are beautiful, remember that.

Take care,