July 21, 2014

Dresslily mix'n'match

Hello Lovlies!
As I told you before I have finally captured all that precious time I've been missing lately, so I'm finally here, fully commited.

This time, I've really had fun searching through dresslily.com and looking all the attractive bodycon dresses, vintage slim fitting high waisted trousers, crop tops which I became huge fan of. 
Also, I've instantly fell in love with Sweet Rivets and openwork design women's flats.

They are perfect, cost only 29.99$ and look almost exactly like the ones below, Valentino flats every trendsetter celebrity girl already rocks in their expensive outfits.

Valentino rockstud leather flats

Amazing, huh?

This time, I had fun making Day'n'Night outfit with rock'n'roll/grungy crop top as basic piece of both of the outfits.

SPOT THE DAY(LIGHT)                                                               NIGHT CHIC

Day outfit;

Night outfit;

Hope you enjoyed, had clicked on dresslily.com and found something you like!


July 12, 2014

Bornprettystore.com review;

Finally I have time, access and full camera to make this long waited review for all of you. ( For that, I really would like to apologize, and hoping you will have enough understandment for this one.)

This time, I will talk about one of my favorite items I got  from http://www.bornprettystore.com/, which is a great place to find everything girl needs to fulfill her outfit, from decorating smartphones with cute, sparkly, girly or simple case covers, nail art, contact lenses ( that one is exciting! No more glasses for me. Plus, I can have red, purple or even leopard eyes), hair extensions, jewelry, watches... Literally nothing you can't find there!
And to make it even better, every thing ordered comes in cure package, and prices are affordable to you all!

After mastering every categorie and trying to pick up something for myself, I've decided to grab this amazing, diamond, sparkly watch with white elegant strap and little Eiffel tower and Arc de Thriomphe ( If I can't go to Paris, Paris will come to me.)

What I really like about it is that clockface is taking only smaller part of the watch, and rest of it are little views of Paris' sights.
Watch came packed really cute, in gift packaging, with gift cupon and watch saved in plastic.
It's pretty, elegant, full of sparkling parts, but still not kitschy or bad tasted.
I really like it overall, but the only thing which I personally find as 'cons' is that watch looks massive on my hand, and one hole is missing to fit me perfectly, but I'm sure that's only because my arm looks like an arm of five year old, so it's enough said.

It's perfect accessorie, and more than item for me, functional, chic, and prevent me of being late, which is the reason I picked that one out of all categories.
I like to wear it with high waisted slim fit jeans, white blouse tucked in, red converse and simple diy bag I made. (no pictures in this post, though), or with any other outfit, really.

If you also fell in love with it, you can have your Diamond Rhinestone Paris watch and enjoy Paris on your wrist.

Check out http://www.bornprettystore.com and use your coupon;


Hope you enjoyed, and see you next time! Be good, be pretty!

April 10, 2014

Theatre and drama, runway and nice hairstyle

It would be so stupid and unneccesary to make the same intro all over again, every time I get myself here and writing new post.
But yeah, long time, no talk. And I'm truly sorry for that. 
And once again, I'm caught in time vortex. 
But, let's make short review of my fullfiled life. ( By that, I'm thinking about last week, but hey.)

Last week was crazy. Absolutely, from the top to the bottom of it. The title is offering you hint words/highlights.
1) I was chosen to be runway model, which was kind of uncomfortable to me if people had asked me why I'm all the time in that big hall and walking back and forth for three hours on that killer heels. But yes. 
2) It was pretty much exausting you know, in the same time preparing new play and going to rehearsals and teaching kids how to walk on heels ( At the end, none of them fell off the stage, which I'm considering as a quite big success for me.)
3) I've shown myself that I actually am able to wake up at 6AM, go to school to prepare it all for final show (It was contest for all young designers still forming their fashion possibilities and trying to succeed in adulthood from all over the country.)
4) and after all that final prepares, I was able to drive for 3 hours straight (got lost, road closed, miles back and finding the right way)
5) Make my play and give all of me to make it look good. (Well, it felt great afterwards, so I guess I did something there)
6) Was washing my hair for 3 times in one and a half day.
7) I was firstface when opening day accured, and my first ever walking down the runway. Surprisingly, when all that was over on day one, people were coming to me and saying how great I was, congrats from all over, half of them said they're proud, and the other one that I should transfer into modeling( Although I still am convinced that they told that all only because they were sure that I thought of myself as crappy one there, so just to calm me down. Well, partly true.)
8) And that dress I was wearing next day, they all got stunned and said that it was dress of the evening. Little experiments, much efforts. Which is one big warmth send inside of the creator's heart.

Well, that's it, I guess.
Just little messy report here, no photos yet.
Talk to you soon.

But the only thing I'm stunned about these days is realizing how my hair has grown. 
P.S. that pullover was gift for my birthday, green one and my gran made that piece of art.
And necklace is just tribute of my passion.


December 02, 2013

PersunMall wishlist;

As a teenage girl with no money/payment sources every month, sometimes I can just dream of having bunch of things would like to wear, carry around the world while traveling, keeping stored in my wardrobe, I am pretty much satisfied with imagining I do own them, in parallel Universe for sure. 
And making wishlist is fun, and on the other hand, time for getting presents and surprises and gifts under the tree is knocking on our doors.

PersunMall is new addiction with all the forms, colors, cute dresses, avangard pieces itself with reasonable prices, perfect killing high heels and crazy printed leggings.

High Heel Court Shoes With Strap

(falling down the stairs with ones won't stop me)

Stylish Big Question Pattern Sweater

(man, just way too many questions not answered and wondering all the time)

Nordic Animal Print Pattern Sweater

(just to be 90's child with big toothless smile on my face and feel cozy and cute)

Cute Little Birds Print Round-Neck Dress

(slim waist and flying bunch of birds makes me feel alive)

Sweet Style Butterfly Embroidered Dress

(really, sometimes striving for attention with something like this)

Sweet Style Collar Slim Fit Lace Dress

(two words. collar. lace.)

Fancy Floral Print Thick Pullover

(eternal reminder of spring, running through the fields with no cares hanging around my neck)

High Low Shirt With Skull Button

(red wine,studs.)

Irregular Cutting Skirt With Zipper

(zippers and asimetrical cut with black leather. great thing, trust me)

Oh, there is definitely so much more here!
(click click clickity click!)

Be so glorious and nice, check it out, write what would you like to get under the tree.
Not intending to force you or beg you, but I would appreciate it tons, literally.


November 27, 2013

Fashion Babel; Efoxycity men's clothing

Fashion Babel is coming back, through the flame and rocks, through the flood of work to do and memories to be created passed few months.
As a future fashion designer (which sounds cool and promising, actually being trapped in that big, cold looking hall, between sewing machines, hoping I would wound myself with a needle whilst ma'am professor is standing upon me and dictating what to do in steps nine and ten, while I'm trying to solve step three for the second time, which is pretty much stressing.), I pay much attention in other people's styles and clothing, just to see the way their character goes, and it tells me enough about their points of life in any segments it's made of.
Not to go far away from the title of today's post.
I'm not choosing friends I will hang out with and boys I will date and girls I will go shopping or spend time in drinking tea and blabbing random things based on a style they carry or clothes that is stored in their wardrobes, but hey, I have to admit, when it comes to guys, I would first fix my eye on a guy dressed nice, in my terms of niceness(making up words, again.)
Just to settle that statement down, my boyfriend, best person in my life and best thing that had happened to me, like, ever, was wearing his smoking when I first caught my eye on him.

I would like to say that on efoxcity, which is primary women's clothing and accessorize site, you can find full bunch of amazing and good-looking men's clothing, even with pieces i would wear on my own.

Slim-fitting kakhi pants, striped sophisticated pants, skinny jeans, or even spiked black jeans, which all you can find here;
Also, as Winter is knocking on our Southern hemesphere's doors, you can find cute colorfull, puffed few-layered jackets, and the one I would prefer to see my better blue-eyed half is wearing;

Something like this would go great with lose-fitting, distressed jeans for going out, or sport pants with simple graphic T-shirt.

To see more, feel free and not tangled to check out
 http://www.efoxcity.com/jeans-denims.html?p=1 for more jeans, sweatpants, men's cross printed thighs and dotted harem pants.

Also, check out women's section, it's not suggestion but a command, I will put my arms on fire if you won't be able to find something for yourself.

This time, I promise you will hear me soon, pretty much soon.
If not, I will find wifi on the other side and write your between flames of hell or soft clouds in heaven.

Sincerely, Lucille

August 23, 2013

Keep your eyes wide open and trust no one, listen to it all, embrace the beauty

I'm having fun these days, pretty much. Despite the fact school starts in 9 days exactly,starting my job today and my school peers going on a four day excursion without me (OK, It's my fault I'm not leaving with them, but I didn't want to go in a first place, and the reason I've written it down here probably sounding terrified and disgusted at the same time crying my own eyes out is because I wanted to sound patethic and make you think I'm just another girl crying over everything and acting bitchy all the time and making that way too creepy dramatic acting-thing scenes and stuff.)

I'm having fun, as I started.
I haven't entered my home for a week now, and it wouldn't sound so odd to me if I'm in a completely different country, or city at least.I'm about 3 and a half miles from both of my homes, but it's like whole another Universe, to be weird and honest at the same time.
Sleeping for about 4/5 hours a day was kind of bad idea at the end since I've been sleeping for almost 11 hours, and that is the fact that won't let me sleep normally the next night.
But you live only once you know, and you just have to use every minute and advantage and all of it at once and enjoy the moment, every moment you have is like white paper, and it's really up to you if you will just leave it like that, and remember nothing, or take pens and watercolors and markers and coloured pencils and make it amazingly beautiful and worth remembering.

-speaking of having nature adventures all the time for the past few weeks, wearing this would make me nature queen of dopeness for wearing wicked clothes combination while trying to climb on the rocks or something like that, which is kind of harder while wearing heels, but that's life -

Nature and hanging out and fooling around, smoking at 5am while freezing my butt off, watching midnight previews and laughing way too hard while driving between corn fields just thinking how funny it would be if driver missed the road and we all end up like mehanically pressed dough for bread between corns, having Doctor Who marathons and not so sucessfully trying to be Jamie Oliver is what my last few days are consisted of.  
No, we were not trying to burn the school playground out and then escape running headless (new word, I believe, huh?) hit by adrenaline rush. We've just tried to set that campfire and tell creepy stories about ghosts attacking you while asleep and blonde evil little girls who are actually demons(speaking of that...One word... Damn, just damn.)
No, lying.
One-word hint.

Oh, and the first photo?
We were just exploring castle and surrounding kept in private property.

No, I'm not taking drugs or trying to get arrested. Neither do my friends.
And that shoes shown, they may not be the best choice for climbing or wandering through the woods, but you will have one perfect piece of a weapon against snakes or giant twelve legged and thirty eyed spiders to kill them, for sure.

You will never fully understand mindset of people around you if you don't discover yours.

August 18, 2013

Don't run from pink leaves

Don't run from pink leaves

Don't run from pink leaves od lucille-fashionbabel 

-I'm becoming pretty much obsessed with that freaking leaf print, especially in all of the crazy neon colors.-


I've made Polyvore account since I'm online-kid and feeling bored most of the time and don't have endless closet in my room to own all the clothes, which I would like just to be able to play mix and match, which is fun.

Also, I have an announcement to make here.
I was thinking of making some kind of giveaway when I reach 600 followers, which is great thing because I truly believe I won't gain them so soon, freeing my mind of thoughts what should be given away at the first place since I have no bloody idea now.

Temperatures are escalating here from the day time when you're burning your feet off while standing barefoot on the street or balcony and night when you literally look like a badger with chicken-like skin.

I'm starting my first job in five days, which is exciting only because I will actually be paid for doing it.

People around you will start realizing you're here at the time when you will feel most invisible.