August 25, 2014

Casual simplicity and an icon

After watching some of the movies she was acting in and inteviews full of her laughter and jokes, triggered with amazing outfit she was wearing in 'The Amazing Spiderman' where she played  Gwen, I've decided to check out her private, real Emma Stone outfits- and I was more than stunned.
Layed back ginger with vibrant smile wears casual clothes when off set- skinny jeans, jumpers, blouses, simple shirts beanies, flats and oxfords, combined with chunky cardigans- and simplicity of it all she just wears great!

 Moving to red carpet zone, she's a godess- no matter if she is in colors with playful hairstyle, or in attractive black vamp edition, she is just transforming and looks stunning! Two shades of pink, color-blocked in outfit consisted of crop top and long skirt with a slot or elegant long dress in vibranting yellow, versus attractive jumper with a deep V-neckline sparkly top (She just wore it classy, not even looked bad tasted too seductive, she just know measures), and great flowy, long black dress with lace detailing and red lipstick.

She is caring her private layed back, casual and comfortable look in private, and once she enters red carpet, she knows how to become an icon.

Be positive, be flawless!

August 21, 2014

Choies; paradise is the largest high street fashion online store, which justified its meaning after checking out their page- literally everyone's taste is assembled in every categorie existing- not only you will stumble upon romantic lace dresses which are my personal must-have no matter what season we're talking about, or attractive bodycon dresses which I'm big fond of- but also grungy, etno, casual pieces, sixties&fifties inspired dresses, vintage ripped jeans and crop tops, granny-like cardigans (which are literally everything but not only for your grandma closet-comfotable, cozy, cute and simple, what more do you need?), shoes that you'll absolutely adore- chunky black platforms, chic pumps, sporty sneakers and loafers and high heels that you'll get your head dizzy. And everyone's taste put together, along with affordable prices for fashionable pieces made with love and care and wordwide shipping for free, is something worth checking out.
Also, there are many conveniences once when you have choosen something to buy- 15% off on first order, 10% sale for new arrivals,also there is your shopping guide lookbook, and there is one thing I fell in love after discovering- best selling dresses under 20$, and you'll never get enough of it all, so check it out, and enjoy your shopping!

One of the things my eyes got caught on are shown below:

Cute print&cropped

I've mentioned my obbsesion for crop tops more than once, and I guess I won't have to explain why crop tops. These three above are just too cute to be ignored- printed and in pastel. Print is always plus for me, and when it comes to prints on crop tops showing daisies, simple heart or watermelon, you'll get some attention there. You can wear it anywhere casual, sporty, going to grab some coffee or simply continue relaxing at the beach on these late summer days.

Take me to the 50's

As I'm girl old enough to feel combortable and happy enough wearing dresses (There was that time when I only wore them when my mum wanted me to- formal ocassions or to make me look like a girl at a young age), I find these dresses more than interesting- floral print, fifties Dior shioulette and tempting to just rock them nowdays. With pumps, flats and pastel cardigan, or even sneakers and leather jacket- choice is up to you!

Rock me tender

As I actually started defining myself more feminine, chic and casual with care, it happens often to just satisfite my inner >grungy me< from years ago, and wear old checkered T-shirts, ripped jeans and self made shirts, I felt instant urge to share these three dope crop tops. Silver, printed and texted- something I would wear with skinnies, black pumps and pastel blazer just to add pop of chic up there and mix it up. 

Lace harmony

Crop top and lace- I think that this is curently something I define closest to the perfection (besides my relationship, feeling after working out and watching sunset, along with Dr. who, Breaking Bad and sleeping late on a winter day.)
Contrast between these lacey and grungish crop tops shows you variety of every single taste people have in fashion. 

Hopefully you already  caught your eye onto these pieces, and have clicked and wandered through Choies's pages searching for something you'll be stunning in (If you don't, I'm paying beer or coffee or anything for you.)

Enjoy, shop and be pretty,


August 17, 2014

Pre-fall wishlist

Pre-fall wishlist

Summer is almost over, which makes me feel kind of confused, since this year it wasn't Summer at its finest at all. Thing on a plus side is that I've finished with period of life as a fashion design student, which is relaxing when remembering that school's out and I don't have to cope with my panic sessions month before school usually was starting.

But, I guess it's already time for making wishlist- this year wardrobe basics (in my own therms), so this year I'm going with monocrome pieces, goes with everything and have none in my closet yet.
Simple blouse, pepum top, some leather jacket I'm striving for so long, blazer, new skinnies (My favorite are literally ripping but still), pumps, some wedge boots, white converse (May not be good idea for foolish fall weather when it rains a lot, but wish is a wish, right?)

And for all of you starting school soon, just remember it may be shittiest thing right now, but once you'll have to face the world of finding job and feeling useless, so enjoy when you still have time to have fun of creating outfits 5 days a week you'll wear.
(School is also, usually, great example of place to grab some inspiration or even be disgusted with other people's style.No one wears heels in school.No one.Seen that and cracked few times, but let people live, right?)


August 13, 2014

summer wednesday's nostalgia

Sometimes I really enjoy torturing my mind by trying hard to remember all the details from my childhood, which is already something I would like to come back, just to embrace all of it once more. Watching my 10 year old brother, I really can see major differences when it comes to growing up, improvement of technology, mostly other things today are used for having fun.

I was born in the middle 90's, and the earliest memories of that time is watching cartoons like Powerpuff girls, Johnny Bravo, CatDog, Hey Arnold, Oggy and the cockroaches and Dexter's laboratory in a language I didn't understand back then, but it was such a trill for me, just the same when I got my first discman.

In Winter time mostly, along with making trails for wodden snowmobile in front of my house and laughing hard when sliding down the two foot trail.
Back then, in my street was lots of kids my age, and we were like a big family, which makes me kind of sad since the oldest one in our kid gang just finished college, and the others just dissapeared. We were playing hide and seek and hiding for a long time all across our neighborhood. 
On our street there was no traffic, and we spend hours playing with chalks, drawing our dream houses in the middle of the street, covered with dirt, pants stained with grass. We made romobile races, picnics where we played with stuffed dogs and baby dolls. And at the moment street light turned on, we knew it's late, so we said goodbye.
I enjoyed drawing, and my mum still keeps all the akward drawings I was drawing at the age 4 to 9.
Me and my two year younger sister were amazed when our father had given us Furby he bought in Austria. 

summer wednesday's nostalgia

1# I was wearing crop tops even at young age, so that's probably why I'm pretty much obsessed with them. Matching crop top and skirt, plus jelly sandals is the combination I really liked back then, and I remember wearing it on a walk we took next to the sea, with my little sister still in stroller.
2# Beige A-silouetthe dress with pink converse I wore sometime at the end of the 90's, when I got my diploma for learning in school of foregin languages, and I was chanting some stupid little song in front of everyone's parents - I like coffee, I like tea, I like boys and boys like me - which was kind of weird to hear from little kid's mouth I believe.
3# Birkenstock sandals were the ones I wore everyday, no matter what was going on, where I was going or what I was doing.

Fashion didn't play big role in my life back then at all. Most of it was pre-used, given from older ones. I remember wearing big shirts, checkered blouses I got from my male cousin, but also my mum really dressed me and my sister well. She was buying clothes, and I didn't complain, because I was just a kid.
I still remember more then few outfits I was wearing (Thanks to my mum's utter need to photograph every moment of her children, which now I'm thankful for)

Eventhough time to time I get depressed and just want to be little kid again, no worries, always with a smile on my face and friends nearby, I'm glad I have nice memories, and most amazing boyfriend by my side,
being loved and in love, embracing life I'm living to its finest.


August 06, 2014

HalloMall- Unique and special

Dear readers,
It's kind of been a struggle for me for a long time now to find an amazing, unique as its finest and more than just creative online retail store, which I thought was mission impossible. After researchning with no bigger successes, I got an email from, which was kind of a discovery for me, since I've been missing exact thing for quite an amount of time I spent online. It's all about unique, creative pieces, such as crop tops, sweaters with crazy prints, vintage ripped shorts, 60's hippie long, floral dresses, crazy leggings, some great T-shirts with text prints that literally made me happy for its existance.
 ( Such as 'selfie' one shown above, such a simple print of a most teenage girls' everyday activity, gone viral. Sneaky, love that.)
What I really like is the fact that all material used are eco-friendly, which makes me feel they care about environment as much as for fashion.

Products are costumized, handmade, which makes me love this one even more. Seller-costumer relationship is kind of personal, too, if needed, just send them mail, or chat online with great people working there.

I would like to say that here where I'm living, weather is not Summer-like at all, it's raining, it's cloudy, but hopefully most of you have nice weather, and an opportunity to rock that sandals, shorts, crop tops and flowy dresses.
This time, I've decided to show you things I currently enjoy wearing (well, only watching for now, until the better weather), or simply- One of my Summer essentials;

Crop tops- Fell in love with them, became obsessed, and love all the shapes and kinds, colors and prints, as long as is comfortable enough to go outside and feel good. Love these two, floral one with stripes on both of the sleeves, really adds that sporty feel along with big number, and second one, tie dye is a technique I used to enjoy doing to re-create my clothes, so it's kind of a 90's style and 90's memories.

Short, shorter, the shortest. To the point where you look acceptable, not like walking home from whore house, of course. Lace is, along with leather, my favorite fabric to be seen or worn, so it's never bad thing for me to see it somewhere, as long as moderate and well composed. And high waist on shorts looks pretty much attractive to me, not even close to compare it with 80's and their grossy, oldie or some other bad/negative adjective when describing them. As long as it's jeans we're talking about when it comes to a single piece of clothing, it literally goes well with everything- every color, every print, just use your imagination and rock it out!

As mentioned before, lace is something I would wear all the time, so no wonder I caught my eye on these two dresses. Simple, adjustable from day to night/formal outfits, simple to combine when in hurry, feminine, flowy, girly and playful silhouette, but lace is still so fragile, leaving such a strong influence on a woman wearing it- to feel special special, and the others who will most likely find it attractive.

Below are the links from all the products shown in pictures, so check them out!

Hope you all enjoyed, and already has checked out 


August 02, 2014

August 01, 2014 review

After all that long time being unabled to write and spend my time having fun, doing things I love, I'm finally here, writing review of one of my favorite dresses I have ever been wearing.
I would like to thank for having so many beautiful dresses made like they're created for me.
As a huge lace lover (Wherever lace is, it's perfect, as long as it's lace we're talking about), decision wasn't pretty easy, since quite  Persunmall dresses are made out of lace.
This one I had find perfect for multiple outfits and events- white sneakers and thick black belt for sunday afternoon city walk, black high heels and red lipstick for formal events- just two from infinity possible combinations to wear this vine-red lace dress.

Lace is perfect, just so fragile and soft, not poking or scrabbling your skin, which is something I was just wishing for lace to be. Comfortable, innocent yet so attractive with your backs open, just covered with lace material.
Not only lace is great, but cutout is more than cute with its heart shape, silhouette is perfect for everyone- ones wanting to look great and hide their flaws (SSSSH- FLAWS are just PERFECT) and feel more self-confident, or the ones who want to visually add some curves. 
You can add belt and make it more effective, or leave it pure as I did,, and I like it both!

Dress is amazing, no words to describe how happy I am, and you can find so many similar lace dresses on

Dress 2#                                           

Just click any of the dresses above you like, or check Persunmall to explore all the other pieces (from jewelry, wedding dresses, printed dresses, tops, leggings, flowy and girly to sexy bodycon skirts)

Hope you enjoyed and discovered another great place for great fun and perfect clothes for afordable prices and various of styles!

Stay good, be flawless!