January 20, 2015

#Sheinside love

I received this pair of beauty&perfection few days ago and already rocking it! Sheinside never fails to surprise me and put a huge smile upon my face every single time.
White high waist skinnies are my fave bottoms right now- and I highly recomand you to check out all the other pieces you'll fall in love with for sure. I love how comfy and stretchy they are, and on my height of 5'7 they are perfect for low shoes and leaving some ankle showing(just can't wait spring&summer to wear them all the time!) 
If you're loyal high-waist-jean lover, you will definitely love them! Further more, I love how they go well with crop tops (This one is also from sheinside)-
Oh, and I love how they are flattering body shape.
White skinnies worn with Sheinside crop top, old Vans shoes and simple bag with baroque-ish print.

Hope you all had nice time during Christmas, crazy New Year's night and interesting, fullfiled first weeks in 2k15! 

Keep rocking, shining and smiling!

December 26, 2014

#sheinside coat

 I was given an amazing opportunety to get this coat- and I literally couldn't wait for it to arrive! I just fell in love with its geometric cuts, leather-wool combo and diagonal zipper- looks edgy, elegant and that feel it gives me while wearing it cannot be described. It's comfortable, it's perfect, different and one of my favorites so far! I just love how it goes with leather pieces and chunky heel boots- same as floral printed shirts and skater skirts. Also, I would like to say that it's high quality made- with its zippers on both of sleeves,  diagonal one, pockets to keep your hands warm. and leather-wool combination it's the best choice for all of you who strive for comfortable pieces, multiple outfit must have and few more eyes layed on all of you, pretty ones.
You can find this one- and many more, here-click it!

I hope you all had blessing Christmas, spent it with your loved ones in warmth of your homes.

Love and be loved.


December 17, 2014

#Sheinside favorites

As I will never get tired rambling about Sheinside and its apparel, I've decided to share with you for of my current- faves. I'm really into sequin- and dress shown is just perfect- black&backless- for New years Eve (or basically any other occasion). Worn with simple suede ankle strap heels, it's pure perfection. It's still not freezingly cold here- actually, thermometer surprised us all with 60F showing, but still- I love being warm and all cozy on the days ahead Christmas, with some themed prints- and I found Deer/dotted grey knited sweatshirt- and it's awesome. Last but not least, I would like to mention simple, geometric lined trench coat with turquoise details- in combination with skinnies, blouse and loafers- it's great even for spring time, and definitely must have.
Also, I would like to introduce you to Sheinside Publishing Program where you can have fun writing posts and earn some cash every few weeks! It really is fun, it really is great- and most of all, it really is awesome! Check it out - it's worth trying it out - you can register HERE . 

It really doesn't seem like it, but I'm actually starting to be excited now.

Have a great Christmas countdown:)


December 15, 2014

# W+E dress

I'm still in huge search for comfortable, astonishing high heel boots- and this year I really layed my eyes on ankle boots- and really am in doubt when It comes to chooing ones I like most.
I've stumble upon few pairs of perfection on http://www.dresswe.com, which is wholesale shop primarily specialized for formal dresses of all kinds- Wedding dresses, Homecoming dresses, Party&Coctail dresses, sweet 16 dresses- But there is even more! The shoes are pure gold, along with accessories and men's wear- and even wedding reception favors (such as serving sets, cake toppers, guest book or flower girl baskets)I would like to share with you some of the Dresswe cheap women ankle boots I fell in love instantly with, alongside with Dresswe cute cocktail dresses just made for New Years Eve!

Ankle boots
I really just can't made up my mind between these-
Upper left- check here! - upper right check here! - bottom left check here! - bottom right check here!

Cocktail dresses
It's all about the glitter! I'm a big fan of partly-sheer, sequin, bodycon dresses- and I've stumbled upon these- Perfection, huh? 
First- check here! - second - check here! - third- check here! - fourth - check here!

I really am impressed with all the things http://www.dresswe.com is offering us- and you? Just check out more of the massive amount of the dresses and shoes for everyone!

Have a blessing week!


December 04, 2014

Born Pretty - stay glam!

It always makes me smile when I see Bornprettystore.com package waiting me when I come home- I just love every piece I got so far, and I had deeply fell in love with every-single-one. This time I'm here to show you bunch of pieces from the last package I arrived. I really love how every piece already has its story ready behind it when I plan to get them.

Cute earrings
 I have pierced my ears for 8 times, and I can really never get enough of earrings- and this time I just am into pearl ones- They are decent, and I really can wear them all the time with no worries. Pearls are shiny, golden detailing are just great for this time of the season, and I think that everyone who has pierced ears, no matter for how many times, should have one of these. check them out!

Pearl earrings
 As I said- I can never get enough when it comes to earrings, and finally had came across this bunch of pearl earrings- and really was surprised with it's quality. check it out!
LOVE ring
 I truly am one of the people who are trying to spread love and positivity everywhere- and this double ring really speaks for itself- and the heart shaped sign that replaces -O- is just too cute! check it out!
SMILE necklace
 And, just as 'love ring', this SMILE necklace really is the one for me- and for everyone who is walking on the bright side of the street- I've been wearing it for a few times already, and literally had catch some people looking at it and smiling instantly. Check it out!
Statement necklace 
I was always fan rather of decent than massive jewelry- but this necklace really succeed to change my mind- and I just love this one- one of my favorites for now- and bornprettystore.com really offers bunch of great ones- and the great thing is- no matter how heavy they may look while hanging around my neck, It really is comfortable and light-weighted. 
 Which one do you like most? Have you checked bornprettystore.com yet? or even ordered somthing? Check it out- you will fall in love with all the beautifly designed jewelry, clothes, nail equipment, watches- and cheap prices, ofcourse!
PS Here is the coupon code- you can get 10% off with this one- just type FB10K31 and enjoy!
Be good, be pretty! 


December 02, 2014

Tidebuy dresses

Last weeks were busy at its finest- and when I tend to sit in front of blank blogger page to write something- it just all has to be done and fine, to write here full of calmness and peace, love and positivity- with no words such as stress, frustration or any form of negativity.
I really am happy to say that I got these two pieces of perfection from tidebuy.com - and really am prepared for rest of the upcoming holidays. 
I'm running bit late with it, but I really do think that this time is absolutely the best time for dress-reviewing- I just am convinced that many of you have no idea (including myself), which dress should I wear and celebrate new year of 2015 (Sounds so unreal) in.

White lace peplum dress

I just love peplum dresses from bottom of my heart, and I've spotted this one- with white lace (Which I like to see as a contrast to my skin and hair color)- and absolutely dazzeling peach colored bottom- and It's all so soft and gives your figure best, flattering look- I already wore it on mine and BF anniversary.

 And, to add some more, Back piece is lacey/sheer, with cute button and cut out, which really adds some more cuteness on the sexiness.

Black peplum dress

Futhermore, I love peplum so much that even this dress was one of them- With zipper and lace on the top and simple bottom I just love it- short, attractive, but with its simplicity it's so easy to transform it into decent theater/dinner dress. I even wore this one with white converse on the day I took pictures of it, and I liked it!
I can now see how dresses play important part of  a (young) woman's closet- I really am starting to collect them in a big term of its meaning. And it feels great, makes me feel feminine, good about myself. And it's the most important thing- to feel great in your own skin- flaws are perfect, and make you special individual worth living with the biggest smile and satisfaction!

Do you have any favorite dresses?Let me know!


November 17, 2014

TB dress sweetheart

 (6/11; almost unreal coloured leaves on my way to downtown-Skater grey dress, high knee socks, leather jacket)

I'm enjoying this weather lately- although it's not like Winter is coming anytime soon. Besides headaches and fog, I'm doing pretty well. I also managed to watch Dr. Who all the way to middle of 8th season when my laptop dropped dead. Completely. And I've also discovered new tea- favorite for now! (Cranberries and raspberries with vanilla)
Since everything is doing pretty much well lately, I want to say that I've finally received items I got from tbdress.com, and I just love them!

                                                                  Review time, woah!
(All the opinions are mine and completly honest)
(Sorry for the blurness of the second one- and just one big thanks to my bf who was amazing doing them)

I was never huge fan of printed pieces, but I just fell in love with this leopard print leggings-  and couldn't let them go. They are comfortable, soft and not see-through in any form or way- I already wore them, and realized they can be worn both while heading to gym, grabbing cup of coffee or night out. Oh, and print is in its highest quality. Check them out!
(close up- amazing, huh?)

Second and third piece I got are just perfect to be worn together (which I did.), and Finally have a proper night-out outfit that actually is consisted of pants and shirt- and I just love how I feel while wearing these.  
(Faux) Leather leggings are great- and here I was pretty much risking (Just because of the last bad experience with one of these- They were ready to be trown away after literally one time I worn them), But these are really, I mean REALLY great- comfortable, and of high quality (oh, and the price is amazing too!)- which is the perfect match for me! Check them out!
Oh, and I just love how I will be able to wear them on different occassions- with oversized sweater and boots, high heels, sneakers- Just as infinite as our minds are.
 (YUP, ready to hit the dance floor in this combination. Whoa, and my hair is growing like crazy!)

And the top I got is great- sort of peplum-ish, with soft materials used- and padded breast area, I just love how it appeals. Check it out! I keep wearing tops now when colder days are coming, with sweaters and blouses- this top won't wait next year's sunny, warm weather!

That's all for now- keep yourself warm, smile and think about your Christmas wishlist!
Oh, what's your favorite tea? Let me know!