March 16, 2015

#cheap bridesmaid

I will never get tired of rambling about dresses for special occasions- weddings, proms, all important events always crowned with most amazing dresses, marking big changes in your life with that one piece that makes us all feel invincible, perfect, waking little princesses inside of us up. I already have been talking about wedding dresses, prom dresses- but what about bridesmaid dresses? They will or already did make big part of your life as sister or friends, and they are special humans who are always here for you- and other way around. Make dresses suit your wedding theme- there is so, so many different of its kind, and promoting is the great way for you to see all of its beauty in one place. sells top quality dresses for any occasion, and cheap bridesmaid are must-see for any of you getting married soon/planning wedding. Its dresses are made with care, much patience and love- and for everyones taste!
Long dresses or short ones, black or in colour, with lace or glitter, you will find it all here, and I absolutely love them all!
Here are just some of the bridesmaid dresses you can find, and absolutely love them, once again to say- and I highly recommand you to check them out- you will find amazing pieces, and not only for bridesmaids- from prom to wedding dresses, you will discover your heaven.

1st dress-check here!-2nd dress-check here!-3rd dress-check here!

1st dress-check here-2nd dress-check here!-3rd dress-check here!

Hope you did laid your eyes upon some of these- be sure to check out more of the bridesmaid dresses and just enjoy in your search!

You are worth it, you pretty little sunshine.

February 24, 2015

#introducing hairbro

I have to be honest with you this time, and admit that I'm absolutely not the best person to ask about complete hair care- haven't got my haircut since Jan, 2011- when my hairstyle was simple, short, boy-ish pixie cut- I was always wearing bob hairstyles in my childhood years, it has grown in 7th grade so much that I just started gradually cutting it, and it ended in Jan of 2011 when I had my shortest- ever since, I didn't cut it- and It became really damaged, so i used oils and all the equipment- and I definitely was scared of getting my haircut done again- last week I decided to cut ends, and I'm pretty satisfied with it- but, I'm one of the people who are always wanting to try all the hair colors and hairstyles out, always striving for something else rather than my hair- and I know I would be absolutely mad at myself if I cut it once again, or bleach it(tried it and never succeed), or experiment with my real hair- and the best thing for me could definitely be wigs- and I would look and explore not only hair colors/styles, but also fashion senses that fits most my current one. And I love them- such an easy, great way to transform yourself. 
And is the site that comes next here- it's an amazing site, and ever since 2004, Hairbro has designed, built and delivered the world's best quality stock/costum made hair systems and wigs- they guarantee to provide you with perfect wigs- they will fit your head, hairstyle and haircolor best- making them indistinguishable from your own hair.
Human hair wigs are made of the best materials, and you can find any of its kind- curly, straight, wave, jerry curl, loose curl, and in any color, so it fits your natural one the best- also, full lace wigs, monofilament wigs, celebrity or even costum made wigs are possible- and they all look so great-
Top Left- check here! - Top Right- check here!
Bottom Left- check here! - Bottom Right- check here!
These are one of my faves, and definitely would rock their socks off! They look just fantastic, and I'm loving them all! I really do thing I've found solution for my explorer-experimental side as far as hair's concern. Which one is your fave? :)

Also, there are human hair toupee for men avaliable, and they all look so great, real and just brilliant! 
Not forget to mention, there is hair replacement systems online avaliable- how it works? simple, just as it is- all you have to do is order human wig online- order is then transformed into data and given to workshop- it will make hair replacement system according to your options strictly (and you will be notified about every step of making)- then, photo of  well done hair system is send to you, and once you're absolutely happy with it- it's shipped to you immediately! Worth of trying, definitely! With it's great price and care they take of every single individual is incredible!
Check out, and you will se how amazing and simple it is!

Be patient- your time is just about to begin, pretty!


February 12, 2015

#ericdress-sweet 16 dresses

This time I'm about to write about dresses(formal occasion dresses, plus size dresses, sweet 16 dresses and all that pretty dresses for literally any formal occasion that will make you sparkle and glow.) is an online store, place where you can find not only formal dresses to make you sparkle and smile - but also a place where you can find anything from shoes, accessories, casual dresses, blouses and sexy lingerie(Valentine's day is just around the corner!)- with affordable prices, you can't get enough of it all. 

I did lay my eyes on few 'sweet 16' dresses- though mine was long ago, I would totally rock it anytime and you can find them here - there are so many different ones, to satisfite any refined taste- and these are sweethearts I've found-
1st dress:check here-2nd dress:check here-3rd dress:check here-4th dress:check here

Also, what I think is rather amazing and worth saying- on you can also find prom dresses, and make sure to check them out here for upcoming proms and homecoming season- all in under 50$- and can be found here (just click it!) As far as I'm concerned- my prom dress is going to be worn more than once, and I like its high quality materials used and all the detailing. I'm currently more into long prom dresses, and the reason is simple- all of them are so perfect- choice is big & hard to make.
1st dress:check here-2nd dress:check here-3rd dress:check here-4th dress:check here

First one is just amazing with that black&white contrast, lace and split that would make everyone look at it- second and third are simple- yet perfect long flowy dresses in colors that just stand out, with sparkles and such a nice detailing. And fourth one? Sequin on sequin- perfection! Would turn any woman into Marilyn Monroe(with some red lips- perfection!)- decent- yet so seductive, attention seeking dress- love it so much!

Some of the other special occasion dresses that definitely are in my mind ever since and worth mentioning- you can search a lot more here.
1st dress:check here-2nd dress:check here-3rd dress:check here
Such a nice, pure and soft colors combinated with lace and sequin are dream, aren't they?

Have you already check out? 
Worth of seeing, definitely.

Be your best self,

February 07, 2015

#Sheinside crop jacket

I've said so many times already how Sheinside is my absolute perfection- and this time I have this new baby to introduce you to! Lately I've been searching for some amazing, edgy and different jacket- and this one is little piece of art if you're asking me- I got it from, and absolutely loving it! After talking about black coat with leather sleeves here and getting this one, I realized I just love geometric cuts and leather detailing.

This one is khaki/leather crop jacket and I adore this cappuccino like-ish color contrasting black leather sleeves. As a crop crop top freak, first outfit I wore it with was with white converse shoes, black crop top (Found here) and bordeaux leggings- and jacket fits so well with night out outfits (black dress, heels or boots & high waisted skirts/jeans and blouse) and even more sporty looks- and it really deserves high five!

I would highly recomand you to check it out here- or even search bit more, and find your perf jacket for yourself- because you deserve it!
Let me know how do you like it- and if you already found some of your sheinside faves?

Take care and be your best! 


January 20, 2015

#Sheinside love

I received this pair of beauty&perfection few days ago and already rocking it! Sheinside never fails to surprise me and put a huge smile upon my face every single time.
White high waist skinnies are my fave bottoms right now- and I highly recomand you to check out all the other pieces you'll fall in love with for sure. I love how comfy and stretchy they are, and on my height of 5'7 they are perfect for low shoes and leaving some ankle showing(just can't wait spring&summer to wear them all the time!) 
If you're loyal high-waist-jean lover, you will definitely love them! Further more, I love how they go well with crop tops (This one is also from sheinside)-
Oh, and I love how they are flattering body shape.
White skinnies worn with Sheinside crop top, old Vans shoes and simple bag with baroque-ish print.

Hope you all had nice time during Christmas, crazy New Year's night and interesting, fullfiled first weeks in 2k15! 

Keep rocking, shining and smiling!

December 26, 2014

#sheinside coat

 I was given an amazing opportunety to get this coat- and I literally couldn't wait for it to arrive! I just fell in love with its geometric cuts, leather-wool combo and diagonal zipper- looks edgy, elegant and that feel it gives me while wearing it cannot be described. It's comfortable, it's perfect, different and one of my favorites so far! I just love how it goes with leather pieces and chunky heel boots- same as floral printed shirts and skater skirts. Also, I would like to say that it's high quality made- with its zippers on both of sleeves,  diagonal one, pockets to keep your hands warm. and leather-wool combination it's the best choice for all of you who strive for comfortable pieces, multiple outfit must have and few more eyes layed on all of you, pretty ones.
You can find this one- and many more, here-click it!

I hope you all had blessing Christmas, spent it with your loved ones in warmth of your homes.

Love and be loved.


December 17, 2014

#Sheinside favorites

As I will never get tired rambling about Sheinside and its apparel, I've decided to share with you for of my current- faves. I'm really into sequin- and dress shown is just perfect- black&backless- for New years Eve (or basically any other occasion). Worn with simple suede ankle strap heels, it's pure perfection. It's still not freezingly cold here- actually, thermometer surprised us all with 60F showing, but still- I love being warm and all cozy on the days ahead Christmas, with some themed prints- and I found Deer/dotted grey knited sweatshirt- and it's awesome. Last but not least, I would like to mention simple, geometric lined trench coat with turquoise details- in combination with skinnies, blouse and loafers- it's great even for spring time, and definitely must have.
Also, I would like to introduce you to Sheinside Publishing Program where you can have fun writing posts and earn some cash every few weeks! It really is fun, it really is great- and most of all, it really is awesome! Check it out - it's worth trying it out - you can register HERE . 

It really doesn't seem like it, but I'm actually starting to be excited now.

Have a great Christmas countdown:)