Presenting; simplicity, peplum, and pure beauty.

by - November 18, 2012

*quick intro; Here again, sorry for not posting, but I haven't had internet connection for a long time, before that I was here but I wasn't posting, even though I said opposite.Sorry about that. I'm here.*
*new me, or what?*
I came here with an intention to write about one certain thing, which I fell in love at the first sight;
Peplum shirt.
I've found particularly nice one on ClothingLoves.
Still don't have one?What are you still waiting for?
Here, on ClothingLoves, you can find this affordable, but that doesn't mean less well one.
(picture below)
This one is made out of cotton, which is, we all know, best fabric to make shirts from- comfy, airily, soft.  
It's only 12,99$, which is absolutely crazy, isn't it? And at's literally basic you should have in your wardrobe. Also, ClothingLoves is offering you black, grey, rose and white one.
I'll choose white one, since it's basic color you can freely and fearless combinate with everything!Also, would choose black one, acromate color too, and can be combinated in endless ways.
This time, I will write about white one, since Winter is knocking on our doors, and with all that holiday-ish things, along with snow, white is more appropriate, in my opinion.
This one you can wear it eather your style is girly or grunge-ish, either you want to be casual or formal.
you can wear it with pastel jeans(pastel pink, baby blue or lemon one), cute necklaces, and oxfords, or even fake fur!
You can wear leather pencil skirt underneath to be more formal, but still wear electric blue tights.
Play with patterns! Flowers for girly, pepita for formal, plaid for grungy and casual.
Also, wear spike necklaces to look like goth, or necklaces with cute pendants to be cute.
Shoes?From JC Spike litas to Converse shoes.

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  1. Went to their site and loved it!
    xoxo sienna

  2. Hi! Im Fran, a spanish male fashion blogger. Maybe you like ym style and want to follow me

  3. Hi! Great blog! Follow each other? Kisses from spain

  4. Lovely peplum shirt ! so cute !
    I'm following you now !


  5. Love peplum!

  6. you are sopretty dear! Gorgeous Outfit <3
    Have a nice day!

  7. I love peplums too, their such a feminine piece of clothing <3



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