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by - February 18, 2013

I know, it's been ages since I've written something down here last time.
-rest of the post/more like twohundaredandtwentyone lines of apologies and explanation words down below, at the very end of the post, thank you, bye.-
The other day, I've came across this amazing, perfect shirt on
One click on wholesale fashion cheap clothing page and you've entered in world of fashion covered with cheapeness and beauty!

We all know that dots are still hype, at least for me. So, on page here, on Clothing Loves (click link to open shirt displayed on the Clothing loves page), you can find this perfect dotted shirt. I'm really not over-reacting about anything here, and if I do, I'm doing it with a great reason- namely, this shirt is affordable(everything on ClothingLoves is!), it's only 11.80$! (yes, I've written down the price correctly), ONE size fits ALL, it's white- which is big plus for everyone scared of risking with playing and mixing colors, and still a big challenge for wild and brave ones to combinate black dots with other patterns! It's made of linen, cozy and pretty textille, and easy to take care about.
You can wear it in basically every situation, either going to groceries, going out Friday night, formal dinners, concerts, shopping, walking...Literally everywhere.
Combinate it with leather pants.Denim pants.Crazy colored leggings.Extremily printed leggings.Circle skirts, pencil skirt.
Always have postman brown bag with you, to put all junk inside and carry it by your side.
You can simply wear it with black skinny jeans, platform Chucks or Creepers- skinny jeans can be torn on the knees, too, but do not over-do it, because that way you may look like you've fallen out from and beeing overrun with tractor or something like that. Put golden choker and you're ready to rock. And don't forget to put black beanie on!

 (click on the image below and above to enlarge)
PS also, you can find men's fashion on the same page, and it's totally worth checking, even if you're female, you can always come across something you like!
china clothing wholesale is where you will find everything!
This time, I will reveal deeply hidden secret.
-rest of apology letter.-
So, yes. I truly hate two three, again. I don't hate myself, but I'm not proud of myself since I've been promising to post more often, but hey. I'm human too and I'm making mistakes sometimes. But I'm doing it constantly, which doesn't make me human anymore. Who am I?
I'm having camera issues, and I have sooooo damn many things I want to take photos of, and I don't have any goddamn camera. Yes, thanks to myself, past Summer DSLR Canon had an accident and it's not working. Still not. But I'll manage to fix it somehow.
I really miss writing, posting and all that, and my blog is so empty.
But I'll change it!
Not promising, in case it doesn't come true, it may break your heart, so... yeah.
'till next time.
PS my Birthday is soon!

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  1. very nice post! I love polka dots! :*

  2. Absolutely love this blouse - this print is too pretty!
    Thanks for the follow, I'm following you already!

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  3. Cute polka dot shirt!

  4. Great Blog!

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  5. oh totaly love them too!! great stuff on this site :D Wld love it if you would drop by my blog and we can follow on GFC/INSTAGRAM(@fashionistaera) if u like :)

  6. Nice blog ... Lets follow eachother... Wat say?

  7. re: I am not working on any new zines lately! I probably should tho.
    and I use a lot of different cameras, the one I'm using right now is a really nice Canon SLR I'm borrowing from my friend.

  8. Oh wow! So beautiful blouse! Chic! :)

  9. looks so cute

  10. love this hat

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