Hair extensions will be better!

by - March 06, 2013

I bet you all did, at least once, dreamt of having longer hair than current, without waiting for another year to let your hair grow. Then, the only possible solution are extensions, right? But having something what's not real on you may often be uncomfortable. Not if you decide to visit, choose and buy one of the many cheap real hair extensions which they are offering. You can buy Hair extensionscategorized in few sections- Clip in, Brazilian hair, Weft/Weave, Micro loop/ring, Fusion/Pre-bonded.  Hair extensions are 100% human's hair, which makes you feel like it's your own! You can choose from all different lengths, starting of with 16'' up to 26'' (and 18'',20'',22'',24'' in between). Extensions are all sorts of colors(from Darkest Brown to Strawberry Blonde, Pink, Green, Purple) and textures. They can be either curled, straightened, washed or dyed, with all kinds of combinations, of course! The aplication runs for about 4 minutes(3-5 minutes, depending), Hair life is from 6-12 months(which depends on use and care).Nail tip hair extensions are also something you should definitely check out and try, they will blend with your own hair and you'll feel like supermodel!          
Amazing, huh?

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  2. I've never tried hair extensions, but I have plenty of friends who love them! I keep considering purchasing them for some big event! One day, maybe! Thanks for sharing :)

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