Freeze the time, block your mind, step out of this world

by - August 11, 2013

Yes, pretty crazy stuff are happening here.

I'm probably supposed to slap myself on the both of the sides of my 'precious' face, let someone hug me with a rope around my neck or high five me with a dick straight into my forehead. 
(Speaking of foreheads, have you ever been thinking about unicorns late at night when you couldn't sleep because it was either too hot or freezing or both at the same time? Personally, I see them as regular horses, just noticing the difference when you spot them up above on the cloud vomiting glitter and rainbow colored thing, and, ofcourse, the biggest difference is that they have big dick on their forehead. One thing in the conclusion- they ARE hell of a weird, but they are different with unique skills. Think of yourself as a unicorn. Minus that dicky-thing, you probably don't have one. Maybe if someone punched you on the corner of a desk, which happened to me, at that time been looking like some jewelered drug dealer beat the crap out of me because I told police about him or his sexual intercourse with minors or something.)

Yes, I know, I haven't been writing here as it was promised, but..
OK, I don't have any excuses, and saying things like- I HAVE LIFE would be horrible lie used as masked excuse for not being here, since I sit on that red velvet queen-of-the-darkness chair and stare in the screen everyday. So, no excuses, but I'll make up for that, if you even care.

7th of August was Wednesday if my memory still works fine. It was around 100F at half past four in the afternoon. I packed my things (lighter,wallet,mobile phone,camera,empty cigarette boxes,few pencils and city guide for the city I wasn't even going to.) and headed to the glowing road with L. and his red car. As we were passing the woods, rays of sunlight were peaking out of the spaces between the trees and leaves and it all looked great for some movie settled in seventies, excluding the fully blasted music. Windows were down and I was sticking my head out, letting the wind mash my hair. Yeah, about that. Ever watched Bridget Jones? When her hair looked like she had put her fingers in electricity plug? Yes, I looked probably like that, but not like lion like she did (Bridget rocking lion looking hairstyle), but octopus.

Our destination were Roman excavations, but we were not lucky enough so we ran into forbidden zone, warning you about thermal injuries or something, but whatever. 
I took one little piece of stone which previously belonged to temple, but was settled on the shelf among big stones and pottery and other ancient stuff.

Also, I do have so many other photos in my camera and ideas in my head and clothes in my wardrobe and I have plenty of time also, which are I guess great circumstances to do something, huh?

Yes, it was pretty awkward when my mum thought I was binge drinking and hangover the next day just because I came home at 2AM all soaked and wet to the bones and in the morning my eyes were constantly looking at the same freaking spot on the wall and were half closed. Or opened, whatever.
And I have pretty good explanation over here, you know.
I was all wet because I was hugging the fountain and my eyes were like that because when my mum saw me in that condition, it was no longer than three minutes after I woke up.

I'm leaving now, going to get things in my hand (that sounded kind of dirty) and start doing real shit. 
And timing this Summer was OK, the longer I'm retracting it, the more time will pass, and the sooner school will start and I'll be freaking at myself how useless I was during the holidays and I'd reach the peak at the moment when I open that page in my diary I completed in the middle of June where I wrote all the things I'm supposed to do next three months.

Nature will inspire all of us at the moment we realize it's eternal.

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  1. Well, it sounds like you have been out having adventures and experiencing life - nothing wrong with that!

  2. lovely photos <3 definitely great to just get out and relax

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