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by - November 27, 2013

Fashion Babel is coming back, through the flame and rocks, through the flood of work to do and memories to be created passed few months.
As a future fashion designer (which sounds cool and promising, actually being trapped in that big, cold looking hall, between sewing machines, hoping I would wound myself with a needle whilst ma'am professor is standing upon me and dictating what to do in steps nine and ten, while I'm trying to solve step three for the second time, which is pretty much stressing.), I pay much attention in other people's styles and clothing, just to see the way their character goes, and it tells me enough about their points of life in any segments it's made of.
Not to go far away from the title of today's post.
I'm not choosing friends I will hang out with and boys I will date and girls I will go shopping or spend time in drinking tea and blabbing random things based on a style they carry or clothes that is stored in their wardrobes, but hey, I have to admit, when it comes to guys, I would first fix my eye on a guy dressed nice, in my terms of niceness(making up words, again.)
Just to settle that statement down, my boyfriend, best person in my life and best thing that had happened to me, like, ever, was wearing his smoking when I first caught my eye on him.

I would like to say that on efoxcity, which is primary women's clothing and accessorize site, you can find full bunch of amazing and good-looking men's clothing, even with pieces i would wear on my own.

Slim-fitting kakhi pants, striped sophisticated pants, skinny jeans, or even spiked black jeans, which all you can find here;
Also, as Winter is knocking on our Southern hemesphere's doors, you can find cute colorfull, puffed few-layered jackets, and the one I would prefer to see my better blue-eyed half is wearing;

Something like this would go great with lose-fitting, distressed jeans for going out, or sport pants with simple graphic T-shirt.

To see more, feel free and not tangled to check out for more jeans, sweatpants, men's cross printed thighs and dotted harem pants.

Also, check out women's section, it's not suggestion but a command, I will put my arms on fire if you won't be able to find something for yourself.

This time, I promise you will hear me soon, pretty much soon.
If not, I will find wifi on the other side and write your between flames of hell or soft clouds in heaven.

Sincerely, Lucille

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