Theatre and drama, runway and nice hairstyle

by - April 10, 2014

It would be so stupid and unneccesary to make the same intro all over again, every time I get myself here and writing new post.

But yeah, long time, no talk. And I'm truly sorry for that. 
And once again, I'm caught in time vortex. 
But, let's make short review of my fullfiled life. ( By that, I'm thinking about last week, but hey.)

Last week was crazy. Absolutely, from the top to the bottom of it. The title is offering you hint words/highlights.
1) I was chosen to be runway model, which was kind of uncomfortable to me if people had asked me why I'm all the time in that big hall and walking back and forth for three hours on that killer heels. But yes. 
2) It was pretty much exausting you know, in the same time preparing new play and going to rehearsals and teaching kids how to walk on heels ( At the end, none of them fell off the stage, which I'm considering as a quite big success for me.)
3) I've shown myself that I actually am able to wake up at 6AM, go to school to prepare it all for final show (It was contest for all young designers still forming their fashion possibilities and trying to succeed in adulthood from all over the country.)
4) and after all that final prepares, I was able to drive for 3 hours straight (got lost, road closed, miles back and finding the right way)
5) Make my play and give all of me to make it look good. (Well, it felt great afterwards, so I guess I did something there)
6) Was washing my hair for 3 times in one and a half day.
7) I was firstface when opening day accured, and my first ever walking down the runway. Surprisingly, when all that was over on day one, people were coming to me and saying how great I was, congrats from all over, half of them said they're proud, and the other one that I should transfer into modeling( Although I still am convinced that they told that all only because they were sure that I thought of myself as crappy one there, so just to calm me down. Well, partly true.)
8) And that dress I was wearing next day, they all got stunned and said that it was dress of the evening. Little experiments, much efforts. Which is one big warmth send inside of the creator's heart.

Well, that's it, I guess.
Just little messy report here, no photos yet.
Talk to you soon.

But the only thing I'm stunned about these days is realizing how my hair has grown. 
P.S. that pullover was gift for my birthday, green one and my gran made that piece of art.
And necklace is just tribute of my passion.


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  1. in this pic you're amazing...lovely necklace..
    i think this was a fantastic experience

  2. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections

  3. Dear, your blog is fabulous! I like your photos & your style!
    Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog!


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