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Finally I have time, access and full camera to make this long waited review for all of you. ( For that, I really would like to apologize, and hoping you will have enough understandment for this one.)

This time, I will talk about one of my favorite items I got  from, which is a great place to find everything girl needs to fulfill her outfit, from decorating smartphones with cute, sparkly, girly or simple case covers, nail art, contact lenses ( that one is exciting! No more glasses for me. Plus, I can have red, purple or even leopard eyes), hair extensions, jewelry, watches... Literally nothing you can't find there!
And to make it even better, every thing ordered comes in cure package, and prices are affordable to you all!

After mastering every categorie and trying to pick up something for myself, I've decided to grab this amazing, diamond, sparkly watch with white elegant strap and little Eiffel tower and Arc de Thriomphe ( If I can't go to Paris, Paris will come to me.)

What I really like about it is that clockface is taking only smaller part of the watch, and rest of it are little views of Paris' sights.
Watch came packed really cute, in gift packaging, with gift cupon and watch saved in plastic.
It's pretty, elegant, full of sparkling parts, but still not kitschy or bad tasted.
I really like it overall, but the only thing which I personally find as 'cons' is that watch looks massive on my hand, and one hole is missing to fit me perfectly, but I'm sure that's only because my arm looks like an arm of five year old, so it's enough said.

It's perfect accessorie, and more than item for me, functional, chic, and prevent me of being late, which is the reason I picked that one out of all categories.
I like to wear it with high waisted slim fit jeans, white blouse tucked in, red converse and simple diy bag I made. (no pictures in this post, though), or with any other outfit, really.

If you also fell in love with it, you can have your Diamond Rhinestone Paris watch and enjoy Paris on your wrist.

Check out and use your coupon;


Hope you enjoyed, and see you next time! Be good, be pretty!

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  1. Lovely watch, the details are gorgeous!
    (Ex Little Sis' Fashion)

  2. This is truly amazing…lovely watch!
    Kisses from Brazil,

  3. Cute watch !

    would you like to follow each other on GFC?? Let me know and I'll follow you back.


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