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by - September 11, 2014

Today, I was pretty much excited and couldn't wait patiently to arrive home (safe and sound) and start writing what made my day. It's raining for two days straight, and I'm slowly but surely going through my phase of summertime sadness, and lust for lying in my bed between writing posts, drinking coffe and making final prepares for my last exam after which I'll be officialy marked by 'fashion designer'- So, these days I need something strong to put bit thrill in my blood.
In collaboration with www.hallomall.com (check them out HERE, worth it!), and dear Wenya (who guided me through it all, and I'm honestly thankful) I got amazing pieces which held me smiling for the bigger part of the day while thinking of finally using them.

Golden mermaid bracelet 
- My new favorite bracelet already has its name given by me and my overall fascination to sea creatures back when I was little.
Not only I'm always happy up to unreal point when I get something in those cute perfect boxes decorated with bow, but also I think things are just right when everything's on its place, clean and carefully packed - and this one is just like that!
(I always keep boxes like these by my side and use them for various purposes)
Also, it would be pretty rude if I leave inside of the box non mentioned- padded with pearl white silkish material, I think their dedication to details has reached highest.

Bracelet is massive, but not bothering you when doing something. Perfect golden reflection is something I'm stunned with, alongside with all the details dedicated to each and other pendant. 
I really like how all the pendants are connected to golden chain and each representing Summer, uniting water and ocean symbols- Pisces (my horoscope sign-born on 13th of March, if anyone wonders), starfish (Reminds me of Patrick the star), Shell and pearls and fishing hook.
Everything is just right, and I have no regrets choosing this bracelet nor with entering collaboration (Turned out as PERFECT decision, and absolutely pleasing.)

Cheerful camera strap
 - As I have creative interest ever since I was little, I've wanted to try every branch of art, and I seriously fell in love with photography about six years ago, and it's still growing. Maybe that's why I decided to treat my camera worthily and give it some bloom! 
Strap came well-protected and carefully placed in transparent box, which is a great idea here. 
Inner part of the strap is made out of suede leather, which I find great for everyones neck- once when carrying your camera you don't have to torture your neck with sharp stripes which will eventually leave some notches ( Strap that takes care of my skin is good. Reallly good.) 
Whole outter part of the strap is made out of dark denim and decorated with little floral/fruit print which I knew right away that I will enjoy carrying camera on it.
Made out of finest material, cute print and unique of the strap itself are the things I need to say, and nothing more, really. 

Just few more words from me in the end- I would just like to say that I'm gonna be rockin' that bracelet in Winter time as a reminder of Summer, and strap around my neck feeling unique.

Hopefully, at the very end after seeing it all, you understand all the thrill I felt.


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  1. Oh I love those cute things!

  2. Nice ;)


  3. the bracelets are cute


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  5. beautiful blog!
    new registered :)
    if you go passing me by http://whitetulips01.blogspot.it/

  6. I have found your blog randomly, I got stuck on it for the last ten minutes, well done, you look great !

    greetings from Sweden !

    www.leennilsson.com xx

  7. This bracelet and camera strap are so cute. I'm going to start following you now on bloglovin'.
    Lisa xx


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  9. Cute braclet! :)


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