Tidebuy.com; Fashion babel presenting!

by - September 06, 2014

It was a pleasure I got introduced to tidebuy.com, online shopping mall, where you can find anything- from wedding dresses (worth seeing, even if you're not planning your marriage yet, or don't have your better half next to you. I got distracted few times in there- Every little girl's dream, huh?) to casual clothing (here), sexy dresses, prom dresses, maxi dresses, vintage dresses, evening dresses- I could go on forever! Acessories, Shoes(here), Bedding, tattoo kits (something I would be proud of myself to be owner of), wigs weren't left behind either! Oh, I shouldn't left intimate apparel unmentioned here- something I spent better part of the afternoon wandering through- you'll understand what I'm pointing at once you check it. (No doubt and lies, every female likes to feel pretty, feminine and attractive sometimes)
Choice is more than big to keep me scrolling for hours, delivery is fast, something you don't have to wait so much that you've already forgotten what was your order in the first place.

These days, tidebuy.com has 4th anniversary- and what more can you wish for? SALE, SALE AND MORE SALE- eventhough tidebuy.com offers affordable priced pieces, all year long you can stumble upon sales, get discounts, but they made special, fabulous deal regarding to 4th anniversary. 
Today's offer is more than a bargain! jewelry(here) and its prices are just wicked, and dresses are both perfect and something everyone can afford!
Check out tidebuy.com and enjoy sales which end on 9.12., so hurry and grab that perfect pieces hun!

I've already been talking about my excitement of new season coming, and not only because of my freedom to wear more clothes now when's colder and having more fun mixing outfits, but also here are new collections everywhere! 

I bet I gave you even the smallest urge to check tidebuy.com out, and become obsessed with amazing pieces they offer us!

Did you checked them out? What are your favorite pieces they offer? Let me know!

Enjoy your shopping, enjoy being yourself.


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  1. I love this store, they have wonderful clothing, I love your selection, we have a similar taste :)


  2. Toller Post und richtig schöne Sachen! Ich verlose einen 10% Rabattgutschein für eine Seife, ich würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest ♥, Laura von takeasmileforawhile.blogspot.de

  3. Hello from Spain: great proposals. Fabulous shop online. Keep in touch

  4. Very pretty!!!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know...
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. cool stuffs
    PS: now following, don't forget to follow back


  6. Tidebuy looks awesome! I am thinking of Fall outfits already, will definitely check them out. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, and of course we can follow each other! Just followed you via G+ now, hope you follow back right away. Let me know if you would like to follow each other via Bloglovin and Instagram as well!

    Much Love,

  7. Hi, great review. you would like to follow each other? let me know. beautiful kisses.


  8. nice review! ❤


  9. it's good to know about this shop:) Looks Interesting! I'm following your blog on Google readers and bloglovin:)

  10. Dear thank you for Following my blog by gfc I am following you back :) Would you like to follow each other by bloglovin? Let me know :) And great blog ;)

  11. The blue knit looks so comfy :)


  12. I love that outfit! Your blog is great :)
    Let's follow each other !!:)

  13. Never heard of this store before, but I'll sure take a look! Love the outfit, the jeans and jumper look so cosy, and the boots are just gorge. I've followed you on bloglovin, would love if you'd follow back :)


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