Childhood never ends in world of cartoons

by - October 29, 2014

I will never become fully adult until I embrace it all and let all the things I used to do as a child behind me. But, World of cartoons has bring our childhood back, and I mean it- in big lights! I dare to say it comes so great now when weather is kind of deppresing, everyone in gray- with nothing to remind us to smile.
All four fashion week cities have went mad with cartoon prints-

Moschino-Jeremy Scott-Fay

And, there are so much more. And personally I adore it- It will keep your inner child alive anytime, anywhere, at any age. And we all are striving to be one again, even for a second.
And I've came across to almost infinite amout of cartoon prined tops here- and I really can't made my mind which ones I like the most-
Mickey & Minnie Mouse
My favorite cartoon following from the birth to beginning of my elementary school- But always more than just happy when its face appears on clothings of his adventures on TV when visiting my little cousin.
And Minnie and her bow shouldn't be forgotten either.

The Simpsons
One of the first shows I watched on TV and obsessed been waiting for every new episode- little subversive humor and delightful wit- and with 25th anneversary on February 2015- It's a longest sitcom in history and not only I was and still am a huge Simpsons lover.

Although Snoopy was introduced in Peanuts comic back in 1950's, it still is one of the most recognizeable comic caracters- and kids around the world love him and he continues to live!

And you can see and find much more for yourself (check out
Even my 10 year old brother had found one and I've decided to order it and surprise him on his eleventh birthday next month (click and see

Hope I've brightened your day a bit and already checked what you like!

Keep yourself safe and warm- a nice cup of tea, hand cream and cozy scarf are my must haves for the last two weeks- and yours? 


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  1. The sweaters are so cute

  2. I love cartoons clothes! Personally, my fave ones are mickey and minnie ones and simpsons ones but i love moschinos spongebov collection! Even thought that might be because i adore Moschino!



  3. i love this trend..we're always baby girls

  4. Those jumpers are so cute! Love the snoopy ones!
    I'm at Bilgi | Stepping Onto The Scene & on bloglovin here here if you'd like to follow each other maybe?
    Blog love,

  5. Omg I love them all ;) :) xoxo

  6. Awesome post! I'm obsessed with that Bart Simpson denim shirt - I need it!

    Drea xo

  7. I love cartoon tops. I really like Disney characters especially the princesses and Snoopy. :) hihi

    Sammie || Bloglovin

  8. i have the simpsons sweater!

  9. I really like the snoopy print jumpers x

  10. Love it!! I want all of them!

  11. That's true :) y love these sweaters of Mickey <3

  12. I agree - that comic trend is such a nice
    alternative to all the ark colours for the cold season.
    I really like Disney and especially Mickey Mouse, so
    I love that kakhi sweater. :)

    And I would like to follow each other - I am following you now,
    I would be happy if you did the same. ;)

  13. Lovely post, these sweaters are great! Have a happy Halloween!

  14. I love those!! I actually think I might buy the Bart Simpson sweater...

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    Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin'

  15. Ah, the only cartoon outfits that I dare to wear out are Mickey Mouse, Care Bears and those junk food tee style. I don't think I could carry off those patterned ones. Thank you for your comment on my blog a while back. I love seeing newcomers around. I would usually follow back if we have enough meaningful connections on our blogs. Hope to see you around more often! =)

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  16. Loving this kind of clothes, I have like 6 sweatshirts with cartoons and stuffs like this, lol!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow you back!

  17. I am your follower , I hope you will follow back  ;) 
    Beauty World by Dessi

  18. Cartoons are here to stay!! lol love the Moschino runway looks! x x

  19. Hello,

    Very nice ! :D


  20. Hello Lucille :-) Thank you very much for your visit. Tons of lovely and funny things in your blog. Have a nice day!!

  21. Makes an outfit look super cute!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  22. I don't like all new collection by Moschino!
    New post on my blog

  23. SO adorable :D I honestly would love to own every piece in this post :D
    here in Vasa (Finland) where I live it is pretty common that people go dressed in dark/plain colors most of the time so it is incredibly up lifting to see colors and patterns from time to time :)

  24. love those jumpers! defintly need to buy some as its getting super cold here! xx

  25. Oh love them all! especially the grey loose sweater :)

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  26. I wanted one of those Bart Simpson sweaters so badly when they came out. || AUS Fashion/Lifestyle

  27. Lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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  28. I personally love this trend, it's so fun! x

  29. Thanks for visit my blog and sorry for the late reply S:
    I was a huge fan of Mickey Mouse when I was little, I had a lot of toys and t-shirts with his face. I am also fan of The Simpsons, I enjoy viewing this cartoons and seeing again and again the same episode jajajajaja
    I'm not very fan of Snoopy, but I have to admit that I own a pair of socks with a surfer Snoopy hahahahah

  30. Having Bart between your legs, does that sound like a fantasy or a nightmare?

    / Avy

  31. Love this post so much! great sweaters xx

  32. OMG I loved Jeremy Scott so much because he's not one to let go of his childhood.

    Kind regards,

  33. This yellow sweater with Snoopy is amazing :)

  34. I love them all. Goes to show we hold on to our inner child for a very long time. Nice post.

  35. Hello! Nice blog!
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  36. they're all so cute :) xx

  37. The tan Mikey Mouse jumper is possibly the cutest thing ever and I think I really need it!
    Sam xx


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