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I always tend to be super excited when it comes to collaborating with online stores- and as a female, I am even more delighted when it comes to pages specialized in wedding dresses(yup, already thinking more serious about them), prom dresses( being absolutely flawless and feeling beyond perfect is something great when rocking that dress on a dance floor), evening dresses( you can never have enough feminine, elegant dresses in your closet, right?)
I must say that really made me fall in love in dresses offering- absolutely great. Avivadress is a UK based online store specialized in wedding, prom, evening and coctail dresses- in other words- any dresses you can imagine. Wedding dresses collection is cheap, high quality-low price guarantee. Fashion, elegant, luxurious, mermaid, lace, pearls, A-line, strapless or casual dresses- anything you like, they have it just for you- to make your special day even more special.
Prom dresses will make your most precious youth memory filled with flawless feeling of perfection- Short prom dresses or long ones- doesn't even matter, they all are made for you to shine and be a goddess, while coctail dresses are going to turn you into dance floor queen with all the attractive, sexy and perfect dresses- bodycon, backless, short, long with a slot- and you will love yourself even more!

-Wedding dresses-
As I'm coming across wedding dresses really often lately(already planning my wedding in my head vs. can't get enough of thinking how I would look like in some/all of them), I really did spend quite of time searching through these on And I've managed to pick some and decided to show them to you- onces I definitely consider wearing.
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)-

I've always been striving for some kind of simplicity, yet breathtaking and decent ones- and these are just my type. Strapless, long, A-shiluette and lace with drop of pearls. I just love them!

-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)-

-Prom dresses-
I had my prom almost half a year ago (whoa!), but I still find myself searching for them- they are just waaaay to georgeous to be forgotten- even when you won't have your prom anytime soon.
I was wearing black, backless long dress with a deep slot on a side and lace pieces around the back cut- and several people told me I look like I walked out of red carpet- which was nice thing to hear.
Long prom dresses were my personal choice- elegance and decency- And i absolutely love those below found on Aviva dresses.

long prom dresses
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)
Wether you want to be princess of the prom with pale pink sleveless dress, vamp girl with that black sequin long bodycon dress or ice cold queen covered with pearls- you can wear anything, and look fab.

short prom dresses

Short dresses are great for hot weather on prom day, and it will give you more freedom to move around- and look playful- and being child inside is the way you'll never feel old- upper part covered with lace or sequin, flowy bottom- so simple, yet so many various designs- and I would definitely wear them, not only for a 'prom purposes'
-1st dress(here)-2nd dress(here)-3rd dress(here)

Hope you already clicked here, search around a bit and found something for yourself.
What did you wear for your last prom? Which ones do you prefer? And, dreaming of a wedding, what would be your choice?
Let me know in the comments!

Have a great week,

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  1. Love these wedding dresses!

  2. the dresses are gorgeous

  3. lovely dress!

  4. Great selection, I love the wedding dresses!
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  5. Śliczne suknie ślubne!!!!

  6. cudne!

  7. Love this site, they have such gorgeous dresses, and your selection is lovely :)

  8. fantastic selection!
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  9. This has been very useful for ladies like me. Also the collection has been amazing; I'll definitely bring some similar hot dresses home, and won't forget wearing a bra tape I’ve some experience with these breast lifts and they go well with the dresses you show on your site.

  10. Like this selection, beautiful dresses
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  11. These dresses look absolutely stunning :) lovely blog, new follower x

  12. Ooh all of these dresses are amazing :) I kind of have an idea of what I want my wedding dress to look like but it is always good with extra ideas :D
    No Im not getting married soon, but one day I will... just waiting for Mr Man to propose... we are already engaged so ;)

  13. Ohhhhh I want wedding! :) So beautiful dresses...
    Just Be Yourself

  14. Nice blog, nice pictures too!
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