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by - December 04, 2014

It always makes me smile when I see package waiting me when I come home- I just love every piece I got so far, and I had deeply fell in love with every-single-one. This time I'm here to show you bunch of pieces from the last package I arrived. I really love how every piece already has its story ready behind it when I plan to get them.

Cute earrings
 I have pierced my ears for 8 times, and I can really never get enough of earrings- and this time I just am into pearl ones- They are decent, and I really can wear them all the time with no worries. Pearls are shiny, golden detailing are just great for this time of the season, and I think that everyone who has pierced ears, no matter for how many times, should have one of these. check them out!

Pearl earrings
 As I said- I can never get enough when it comes to earrings, and finally had came across this bunch of pearl earrings- and really was surprised with it's quality. check it out!
LOVE ring
 I truly am one of the people who are trying to spread love and positivity everywhere- and this double ring really speaks for itself- and the heart shaped sign that replaces -O- is just too cute! check it out!
SMILE necklace
 And, just as 'love ring', this SMILE necklace really is the one for me- and for everyone who is walking on the bright side of the street- I've been wearing it for a few times already, and literally had catch some people looking at it and smiling instantly. Check it out!
Statement necklace 
I was always fan rather of decent than massive jewelry- but this necklace really succeed to change my mind- and I just love this one- one of my favorites for now- and really offers bunch of great ones- and the great thing is- no matter how heavy they may look while hanging around my neck, It really is comfortable and light-weighted. 
 Which one do you like most? Have you checked yet? or even ordered somthing? Check it out- you will fall in love with all the beautifly designed jewelry, clothes, nail equipment, watches- and cheap prices, ofcourse!
PS Here is the coupon code- you can get 10% off with this one- just type FB10K31 and enjoy!
Be good, be pretty! 


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  1. Stunning!

  2. Nice post! I have one pair of pearl earrings like those.

  3. very cute jewelry. love it :)
    you have a great blog, really cute :)
    let me know if you want to follow eachother?


  4. I totally love this!!

  5. Gorgeous pieces! So stylish.

  6. Awesome Collection!!
    wanna follow each other on instagram & bloglovin?
    i followed u please follow me here>
    love & hugs Melbourne.

  7. Ooh very lovely pieces... I especially love the last necklace... Im a huge fan of statement necklaces :)

  8. Love it, sweetie ^_^



  9. These are beautiful Accessoires! I would love to follow you! :)

  10. such a beautiful pieces!

  11. I'd like to follow U with pleasure. Thanks 4 Your visit.

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