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by - December 17, 2014

As I will never get tired rambling about Sheinside and its apparel, I've decided to share with you for of my current- faves. I'm really into sequin- and dress shown is just perfect- black&backless- for New years Eve (or basically any other occasion). Worn with simple suede ankle strap heels, it's pure perfection. It's still not freezingly cold here- actually, thermometer surprised us all with 60F showing, but still- I love being warm and all cozy on the days ahead Christmas, with some themed prints- and I found Deer/dotted grey knited sweatshirt- and it's awesome. Last but not least, I would like to mention simple, geometric lined trench coat with turquoise details- in combination with skinnies, blouse and loafers- it's great even for spring time, and definitely must have.
Also, I would like to introduce you to Sheinside Publishing Program where you can have fun writing posts and earn some cash every few weeks! It really is fun, it really is great- and most of all, it really is awesome! Check it out - it's worth trying it out - you can register HERE . 

It really doesn't seem like it, but I'm actually starting to be excited now.

Have a great Christmas countdown:)


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  1. Love the shoes


  2. the christmas jumper is very nice

  3. Piękna sukienka!
    Wesołych Swiat:):):)

  4. great post. very cute items. love the coat and the heels :)
    great blog, very inspiring
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  5. Love this collection! Those sparkles are perfection.

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  8. so great stuff!
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  9. You have a wonderful blog.Just keep writing it ! :)
    Kisses from Croatia :*

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  10. a great post, I like the product you teach. I write it down. merry christmas

  11. Very nice photos ❤️

  12. Of course we can follow each other dear! I'm your new follower and waiting for your love back :) Happy New Year!

  13. Love every single thing! Everything is amazing!
    I just wrote a post about sheinside on my blog:)

    Kisses from Croatia :*

    P.S. visit my blog, I just started writing it, and , as you know, new readers are always welcome :)
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    Happy holidays!

  14. Hi Lucille! :)
    Just happened to find your blog and wanted to say I like it very much! You've got such a nice taste in clothes. I immediately started following you on GFC! :)
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    Greetings from Finland,
    Rebecka | 7th Style


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