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by - December 02, 2014

Last weeks were busy at its finest- and when I tend to sit in front of blank blogger page to write something- it just all has to be done and fine, to write here full of calmness and peace, love and positivity- with no words such as stress, frustration or any form of negativity.
I really am happy to say that I got these two pieces of perfection from tidebuy.com - and really am prepared for rest of the upcoming holidays. 
I'm running bit late with it, but I really do think that this time is absolutely the best time for dress-reviewing- I just am convinced that many of you have no idea (including myself), which dress should I wear and celebrate new year of 2015 (Sounds so unreal) in.

White lace peplum dress

I just love peplum dresses from bottom of my heart, and I've spotted this one- with white lace (Which I like to see as a contrast to my skin and hair color)- and absolutely dazzeling peach colored bottom- and It's all so soft and gives your figure best, flattering look- I already wore it on mine and BF anniversary.

 And, to add some more, Back piece is lacey/sheer, with cute button and cut out, which really adds some more cuteness on the sexiness.

Black peplum dress

Futhermore, I love peplum so much that even this dress was one of them- With zipper and lace on the top and simple bottom I just love it- short, attractive, but with its simplicity it's so easy to transform it into decent theater/dinner dress. I even wore this one with white converse on the day I took pictures of it, and I liked it!
I can now see how dresses play important part of  a (young) woman's closet- I really am starting to collect them in a big term of its meaning. And it feels great, makes me feel feminine, good about myself. And it's the most important thing- to feel great in your own skin- flaws are perfect, and make you special individual worth living with the biggest smile and satisfaction!

Do you have any favorite dresses?Let me know!


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  1. So pretty :)


  2. Love ur collection and idea!!
    i followed u please follow me back thanks!!
    wanna follow each other on instagram & bloglovin?
    love & hugs Twinladybug!! Melbourne.

  3. Stunning post!

    miłego popołudnia

  5. So pretty dear!


  6. Great blog :) Maybe want follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  7. Love both colors... I always love black clothes, but that white one with the peach colored bottom is just incredibly stunning :O

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