by - May 10, 2015

Long time- no talk. I've just been busy with making some serious bussines done, sewing, taking bunch of random photos and drinking way too much coffee, redecorating/painting/cleaning my friend's new place, watching Modern family and crying over Top Gear and its end. And, before I even realized, I may say Summer is already here- 80F outside, and it gets so weird and beautiful when sun rays bursting into my room early in the morning wake me up. 
Also, I made my Instagram which is kind of important to say because I basically just use it to post once a week and rest of the time stalking people around(feel free to follow me rather than judge me- @emilyrosedg- I sure will stalk you. And I promise I will try to post more, in advance. And I sure will force myself to make photos actually look incredible.)
-And honestly, if you told me that I will be able to take these kind of photos with my phone anytime, sometime in the past I would laugh, but it's happening.-

Off to the today's outfit, I decided to go with that girly side of mine( we all have it). 
 I am honestly kind of obsessed with this this lipstick. And its shade- also, It fits perfectly with this top, so another reason to love it. I got this top from Sheinside.com and left it unwraped for a month and a half(back then I made huuge order there and totally forgot about it), which was such a shame because I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it out today- well, at least I was left surprised and it's something that made my day instantly better.

I wore it with my timeless converse shoes, which had been worn all the time and now I am kind of saving their sake because I don't want them to end up in trash anytime soon. Oh, and top is so, so comfortable and it is full circle, so I just had little struggle with some wind here and there which wanted to reveal me in front of all the people. And I like to goof around and make baby faces when my bf is taking photos of me.

Pants I wore are actually brand new- bought them in H&M last week, in kid's section- and they rock. Bag I am wearing is one and only I own and love, and wear it whenever and wherever I go.

Hopefully now I will post more, since this time of the year absolutely is mine and I do dress properly- Wintertime was just( honestly&from the bottom of my heart) all about throwing three layers of random pieces on me to keep me warm. I will try harder next Winter,
But now it is all just about overload of good vibes and I sure will post more.

Smile today, and take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Lucille(aka Emily Rose)

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  1. Beautiful top :)


  2. wooow i love your blog!


  3. You look so gorgeous in your outfit, i love your top <3

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  4. You look beautiful. That floral tank is stellar!

  5. You look fantastic!


  6. LOVE this shirt! Such a pretty print <3


  7. I love the flowers and the floral print of the top. Beautiful photos.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Beautiful outfit, I love the floral print of the top!

    ps: I'm a new follower :)


  9. Thanks for your share,love your handbag.


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