one skirt-two styles

by - November 12, 2016

Today I finally have a day off- no college, no job, just answering tons of emails and catching up, focusing on some future, upcoming projects(both college and blog-wise). And this post is just showing my admiration of , online shop I've been obsessed with ever since I first took an order there. Since I love playing mix'n'match, this one is composed all from products you can find there- and it's absolutely worth checking it out- it's not one of the sponsored posts, so you can just imagine how much I personally adore this one. Apart from that, new OOTD posts will be up soon, with new content and photos taken with brand new camera- and I just can't wait! Also, I've been trying out some new backgrounds and overall look of my blog. That's it for now,
Thank you for taking your time to read my blog posts every time they occure, I appreciate it like no other.

Take care,

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  1. My favorite is the right one
    Love the skirt!
    Thanks for sharing, great selections

    Happy weekend for you
    Get 5 % discount at Tinysand: use code Is5
    My latest post about Shailene Woodley, a true style inspiration
    Kisses, Isabelle

  2. Beautiful!
    If you want follow for follow, tell me x

  3. That skirt is amazing. Both the styles in this post are great.

    Amanda: pickeddresses

  4. So nice...I like your blog.^^

    Maybe follow each other on gfc

    Let me know follow you then back.

    bye :)

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  7. love this post! i hope you're having an amazing day ;D


  8. I personally like the right one better, but both are pretty wonderfull *-*

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