by - May 11, 2017

Hi beautiful! I hope ya'll are having a nice week so far! I've been stressing for the past few weeks due all the things I had to get done, meetings I had to attend and projects I had to take care of- I can, finally, take a break for a day or two, and what else should I start writing about, you ask? Those who know me, and been following me around here for a while, sure know that I have the BIGGEST obsession from the first time I have gotten in touch with it. And I just love to write about it and sharing my passion with you! If you didn't already, check it out, seriously! Summer is approaching closer and closer as the days are passing, here on Southern hemisphere, and it's making me truly excited and beyond grateful! And,, as it is, always preparing us surprises and discount codes to make shopping experience even more exciting, has been thinking about us, as it always does, and you can make your purchases even more fun with codes you can use in your next shopping spree- they are shown below, so don't miss a chance! 

As you all can probably tell, I also enjoy making little, cute collages of the things I fell in love with at the first sight, so this time isn't an exception either; and I wish you to feast your eyes on them and freely, carelessly fall in love with the pieces I have chosen to share with all of you!

Floral, loose dresses
Is there anything more cute than summer dresses which are loose, with the most comfortable cuts and tempting floral prints? I don't think so. And they should really be one of your basic pieces this Summer, and on a plus side, they are so easy to combine and really can become the most important piece in your Go-to outfits.

Striped blues

There isn't any other print that is more related to Summertime. And when you combine it with color of the sky and seas, you get the trend that we all are going to enjoy this year. And it comes in such various pieces, so it's addictive.

1st/blouse/click to check out-2nd/dress/click to check out/3rd/two-piece/click to check out

Crazy cut'n'print
On that hot Summer days, the most refreshing thing is to be able to play with crazy cut and printed pieces. And that probably is the most challenging thing ever. 

Which is yours most favorite one? Let me know in the comments below!
And now, it is time to end this middle of the week with successful days behind me, and even more to come! 


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  1. the best Thing about warm summer days
    are all those cool clothes,
    totaly love your picks :D

    with love your AMELY ROSE


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