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by - January 06, 2018

First of all, I am wishing you all the happiest new 2018- I know I am late, but I almost always am. So, to start this year just right, I am going to introduce you to one of the hottest sites I've come across lately- I am talking about YOINS- it was established in 2014(it was 4 years ago, can you believe that? Gosh how time flies!), with a somewhat challenging mission to offer youth the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion pieces at an affordable price- which always comes in handy, University life is so expensive! Every person that works within YOINS has a special place and believing that the best way to show your own personality and uniqueness is thought clothing and fashion itself- and they make it available and affordable to everyone of us, just few clicks away- you can find EVERYTHING and just ANYTHING you need! From catwalk dresses to casual T-shirts and denim skirts, from sexy lingerie to ripped jeans! Sounds so awesome, doesn't it? Also, to make it even more special, the name of the brand comes from the word "inspiration"- find courage that lies within you, seek your own inspiration, and stand out from the crowd! Speaking of awesome and special, let's just take a minute to talk about cute tops for women you can find- and you can play with your style so much, whether you prefer elegant and minimalistic black tops combined with some crazy printed pants or feminine floral ones combined with simple, ripped denim jeans- there is just SO MUCH to choose from- and all of them are on sales ranging from 30% up to 70% off- and all of them are worth visit! I am going to show you few pieces I definitely fell in love with!
1st picture-click here/2nd picture-click here

1st picture-click here/2nd picture-click here

Don't they look just too perfect not to be loved? I absolutely adore that cut on all of them which give them that special look! You can wear them on cold days or bit warmer ones, for formal occasions and casual ones- for some kind of romantic dinner with your beloved one or casual coffee downtown with your best friend! 

Also, I just have to share few ladies blouses with you here, because it would be kind of a sin not to- there really is variety of styles offering, from off shoulder ones, chiffon or lace ones, and modern, grid pattern ones-

1st picture-click here/2nd picture-click here

1st picture-click here/2nd picture-click here

And just look at them- the thing I've been digging for the past few weeks definitely are flare sleeves- they are so elegant and give that special touch to any kind of blouse-  casual blouse, dress or shirt decorated with flared sleeves give such a magical feel to it- you should try it out, and be sure to check out flared sleeves guide, so that you can be all ready and prepared for styling it! 
'there is just a sleeve between you and fashionable person'

Be sure to check YOINS, and until next time,

Take care,

P.S. EVERY new costumer gets 10% off, so don't hesitate!

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